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Animal Removal Services Los Angeles

Eric:  Today, we’re going to talk with Vic at all city animal trapping. And I wanted to talk about your animal removal services in Los Angeles. And I guess the first place that I would, the first thing I would ask is if you pick up one’s pet?

Vic:  Yeah, absolutely. And then also a lot of times we’ll get carcasses in the street or on the sidewalk and the yard front yard backyard.  Even if they’re not yours.  So we definitely provide that service.

Eric:  You come in and do that service regardless.

Vic:  They’re absolutely.

Remove Animals From Attic

Eric:  Okay. How can I remove animals from my attic?

Vic:  So there’s a few methods. It depends on what it is. So if they’re in your attic, then it’s safe to assume it’s going to be a rat raccoon, possum.  Those animals, because they’re great climbers.  And that’s what they do. They get on your roof and they search it basically forage at night for food. And they have two jobs.  To eat and to find shelter. And they’re crawling all hours of the night everywhere. Eventually, if you have an opening in your home, they will find it and they’ll go in there.  And if not, they can create one and, you know, like raccoons, they have thumbs. So they grab things, screens and rip them right off and get right into your attic or even under the house, that sort of thing. So we can do trapping.   We’ve removed them, but with a snare or by net or by hand on the spot.  Also we can use a pheromone treatment to scare him out as well.  It’s basically putting a pheromone of a predator into that space and out of fear, they leave on their own. Now, if they have babies, they’ll take them with them as well. So there’s a few different methods we can use to get them out of there.

Getting Out of the Attic

Eric:  And sometimes I’m assuming they just die in that attic if they can’t get out of it.

Vic:  Yeah, happens a lot.  If, well, it hasn’t been doing this a long time. They’ll trap an animal in, you know, they catch an animal. I think that’s the end of it. Cause you might go in the attic and not see anything. You don’t, you don’t see footprints. You might not see any nesting materials or droppings grease or marks or hairs anything.  And just think that there’s nothing in there, seal it off. And then, you know, four days later they’ll call you back and say, hey we smell a dead animal. You know, cause there’s a lot of little nooks and crannies in an attic and there’s plenty of places to hide. It’s dark. So if you’re going to seal it off, you gotta be a hundred percent sure there’s nothing else in there.

Noises From the Ceiling

Eric:  Gotcha.  And once I had gone camping and run to the house and there was like this scratching noise coming from the ceiling. And what could that have been?

Vic:  I mean, it can be a lot of things, but it’s most likely be those three. A possum or raccoon or a rat or mouse.  It can be a squirrel too.  So it depends. If you hear him in the day, it’s probably going to be a squirrel cause they’re active in the day. And if you hear them at night, it’ll probably be those other three. Cause they’re pretty much nocturnal.  So, yeah, it depends too, because a lot of people hear the scratching and they describe it to us and say, man, it sounds like a human being was up there last night, you know?  And then we get up there and it’s a mouse, so it’s not always a large animal. And you know, you have to keep in mind if, when it’s three in the morning, there’s no noise except for that noise in your ceiling.  It sounds a lot louder than it is. So it’s just one of those things, but it’s, it’s usually going to be one of those animals.

Eric:  But you can’t avoid it because it’s the noise is there, especially at night when everything is quiet. And some things running around up there, so, okay  So this is something that your company offers animal removal services in Los Angeles area.

Vic:  Absolutely.  And that can, how can people find you on our website

Eric:  Okay.

Vic:  We also have Instagram, Facebook, and those sorts of things too.

Eric:  Everything’s on the website there.

Vic:  Yes, sir.

Eric:  All right. Well, thank you, Vic.

Vic:  Thank you.