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Animal Trapping and Removal for Schools

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Animal Trapping and Removal for Schools

Keeping local schools safe is an educator’s priority, including keeping school grounds free of wild and nuisance animals. Wild animals can wander onto a property searching for food and shelter, which could potentially put students, faculty, and staff at risk. When needing to remove or relocate nuisance animals from a school’s property, hiring a professional and experienced company in animal trapping and removal for schools is vital. 

Wild Animal Trapping and Removal

Hiring a company specializing in removing and controlling nuisance animals helps ensure the school grounds are safe. Technicians trained in animal trapping and removal for schools understand the importance of keeping students safe and are dedicated to removing and relocating unwanted animals. Animal trapping specialists also know how to capture and remove nuisance animals that may have found their way inside the school building. 

Commonly Removed Wild Animals from Schools

A majority of wild animals appear cute and harmless at first but can become a nuisance. Commonly removed wild animals from schools include squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks, armadillos, birds, snakes, rodents, and bats. When needing help removing and relocating these animals, it is best to hire a specialist who can handle the specific species humanely. 

Signs of Wild Animals Around Schools

Wild animals are not shy about their presence and leave many signs behind that they are present. Common signs of wild animals nearby are seeing their feces (droppings) and urine along walls, inside cabinets, and around corners of the school. Additionally, the odor animals leave behind from their presence, urine, and feces can be very strong. Other signs of a wild animal on school grounds are seeing the animal, spotting its nest, hearing them in the walls, or seeing holes dug in the ground. Spotting stashes of food is a sign of a hoarding animal, such as a squirrel, nesting nearby. 

Keep a watchful eye out for the different signs of wildlife around the school and call for help immediately upon the first signs of their presence. 

Dangers of Wild Animals Around Schools

Wild animals can cause many problems and are very dangerous to have around a school. Wild animals carry diseases, such as histoplasmosis, salmonella, and leptospirosis, easily transferred to humans. Additionally, animals leave urine and feces all over the place, which have their diseases and can damage property. Wild animals can also cause property damage by chewing, digging, and gaining access to the school.  

The biggest threat wild animals pose when around a school is that they may bite or scratch anyone who gets near them. Their bite or scratch can spread disease and be very painful. 

Animal Trapping and Removal for Schools

What to Do When Spotting a Wild Animal at a School

When spotting a wild animal or signs of the animal on school property, it is vital to document where it is. If possible, identify what type of animal it is. Then instruct all students, faculty, and staff to stay away from the area until a professional trapper can remove the wild animal. Keeping everyone away from the animal helps reduce the risk of spooking it and someone getting bit or injured. If inside, open up nearby doors to the outside to see if the animal will leave on its own. 

Call for help from a local wildlife animal trapper and removal specialist who can help remove the animal as soon as possible. 

Wildlife Prevention Tips

After removing the nuisance animal, ensuring they do not get back into the school is imperative. The best method to prevent wildlife from invading a school is to focus on exclusion methods. Exclusion methods include animal proofing the property and building by sealing off all entry points and eliminating trash and debris around the school’s property. Schools having trouble determining how wild animals are getting in can reach out to a local wildlife removal specialist who can help with preventative measures. 

Animals love lunchtime and will gather around students having lunch outside. Therefore, if possible, have lunch inside and do not let students bring food outdoors. 

Wild Animal Removal and Relocation Process

A full-service animal trapping and removal company has all the tools and equipment to humanely trap and remove a wild animal from a school’s property. The process starts with the technician identifying the animal species and finding it or its nest on school property. Then they work on trapping the animal in a cage or other method of capturing the animal. Once caught, the animal is safely relocated to an area that will not interfere or impact residential communities, businesses, or schools. 

Animal Damage Repair

Many full-service animal removal service companies also offer animal damage repair and cleanup services. When a wild animal causes damage to the school, the removal company can help make necessary repairs. Additionally, wild animal urine and feces carry many diseases and need special handling and cleaning. The removal company has the equipment and tools to safely and adequately clean up urine and feces and thoroughly sanitize the area, making it safe for students, staff, and faculty.  

Hiring a Reputable Company for Animal Trapping and Removal for Schools

Hiring a reputable animal trapping and removal company helps ensure the safe and humane removal of the animal. A reputable and reliable company has all the proper licenses, insurance, and certifications to trap, handle, remove, and relocate various wildlife species. In addition to providing proof of licenses, insurance, and certificates, wildlife companies should provide references from past clients, including local schools. An online search can reveal a lot of information about a trapping service, including reviews and Better Business Bureau ratings. 

A reputable company should not hesitate to show you the required documentation about the legalities of their business operations. Additionally, a legitimate company will have a thorough contract that includes services included, fees, guarantees, and any imperative information about their services. If the company hesitates or does not provide documentation, do not hire them and find a different company to hire. 

When needing help with nuisance wildlife at a school, call for help today from a local animal trapping and removal company specializing in helping schools.