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Best Raccoon Trapper in Los Angeles

Raccoons can be pesky creatures. They come onto a property causing various types of damage and spreading disease. Many times these clever creatures enter a property in search of food, water and shelter. Other times they are just passing through. Property owners experiencing a squatting raccoon may want to hire help from the best raccoon trapper in Los Angeles. The trapper will help capture the animal and humanely relocate it away from the property. 

Hiding Places

A majority of the problems caused by raccoons are associated with when this pest gains access to the attic. It is easy to identify if raccoons are living in an attic because they are not very quiet creatures. Being nocturnal, raccoons will be most active at night and early morning, making loud noises as they scurry around. Once this animal has made its way into an attic it begins wreaking havoc almost immediately. Should sounds of raccoons in the attic be heard, call an animal trapping service immediately for help identifying the problem and removing the animal. 


Just like with any nuisance animal, there are some risks and dangers to having these animals in or around a home. Not only do they cause a lot of damage, but they carry an assortment of diseases. These diseases can be spread to humans and domesticated animals. The most common disease carried by raccoons is rabies, but these creatures also carry leptospirosis and roundworm. In addition, raccoon urine and feces is dangerous and can not only cause a stench in a home, but also carry diseases. 

Additional dangers associated with raccoons include the possibility the animal attacks domesticated animals, such as dogs and cats. If a raccoon comes on to a property, pets may find a need to protect the home. Because of this, the pet may get into a fight with the raccoon, which can end up getting hurt, contracting a disease, or even getting killed by the raccoon. Though raccoons have been known to attack humans, it is not common. This animal prefers to flee when it sees a human approaching. 


The best way to keep safe in the presence of a raccoon is to steer clear of it and bring pets indoors. If the raccoon is in the attic or does not go away, call for help from the best raccoon trapper in Los Angeles. The trained trapper will come out, determine the best method of removal, and if possible, help relocate the animal. Should anyone in the home, including pets, come in contact with a raccoon or is bitten by one, seek medical advice on how to treat or for a list of symptoms to watch for. 


There are several things homeowners can do to prevent raccoons from coming on to the property. Prevention is easily done by making the property less attractive for wild animals. The first thing to do is clean up all food sources. This includes tightening lids on trash cans and bringing in pet food. Limit access to shelter by sealing off access to attics and keeping garage and shed doors closed when not in use. 

Trapping Laws

Depending on the city and state, trapping a raccoon can lead to some legal issues. Some property owners are unaware of local and state laws regarding the trapping and relocation of a raccoon. Some laws require permits and licensing to trap and relocate a raccoon, while other laws dictate what can and cannot be done when handling this wild animal. Because laws vary from state to state it is best to seek assistance from the best raccoon trapper in Los Angeles.

Professional Help

The cost of paying for the best raccoon trapper in Los Angeles to come out and help remove raccoons from the property is far less than the amount of damage these animals cause. Damage caused by raccoons can add up to $500 per night. This damage costs can greatly increase with the time and number of raccoons on a property. If there are any signs raccoons are present, call for help immediately. The sooner the trapper can get out there, the less long-term damage these animals can cause. 

When raccoons start to wreak havoc it is time to call in the best raccoon trapper in Los Angeles. The certified and trained trapping specialist will be able to come in, access the situation and remove/relocate the animal. Calling in a specialist helps save time, money, and ensures the job is done right.  Contact us today for all of your Los Angeles raccoon removal issues.