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Bumble Bee Removal

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Bumble Bee Removal

As far as incests go, bumble bees are easily one of the most charming, most interesting, and most beneficial such creatures in the animal kingdom. Like their smaller cousins, the honey bee – bumble bees are charming, have very interesting behavior patterns, and are beneficial to promoting the food supply for all living things by aiding in the pollination of flowering plants.

Unfortunately, bumble bees are not always completely harmless and can even be life-threateningly dangerous in some cases.

Anyone who is allergic to bee stings or to stinging, flying incests, in general, may be in great danger in the presence of bumble bees. Like some of the far more pernicious stinging insects, bumble bees can sting more than once. The venom in their stingers is significantly more voluminous than that of the honey bee and bumble bees are known to be somewhat more aggressive than ordinary bees.

All that having been said, bumble bees are still fairly safe to be around for most people. They are a reasonable species, like the honey bee – they do not wish to sting anything unless they believe they are threatened. However, it cannot be overemphasized that anyone who may be allergic to bee stings must take the utmost care to avoid these flying insects.

Four Ways to Deal With Bumble Bees

If you have the luxury of not being allergic to bumble bee stings and wish to remove a bumble bee colony, here are four simple ways to do so.

  1. Peppermint Spray

This is a spicy and potent aerosol that bumble bees are averse to. By spraying it on and around areas where you wish to deter their presence, it will work well. Best of all, peppermint spray will not hurt the bees as long as it is not sprayed directly on them. Also, as long as the bees are not alerted by your presence when you apply the spray, they will not associate you with the perceived danger.

  1. Call a Beekeeper

Calling a professional beekeeper is a good option if you do not want to harm the bees and you want to keep your distance from them at the same time. A beekeeper will remove the colony, doing minimal to no damage to the bees, and they will relocate the colony to a safe location where the bees can live naturally in their preferred manner. This is a win for you, for the bees, and for the beekeeper.

  1. Insecticide

The use of strong poison can be a good choice if the hive is located too near your home, in or on your home, and/or if you have family who are allergic. There are insecticides that are potent and will do the job quickly. This is a good choice if fast and effective removal is of the utmost importance. If, however, the presence of poisons may pose a threat to pets or children, calling in professional bumble bee removal services may be a better option.

  1. Call the Exterminator

If avoiding stings is your first priority, as it should be if you or anyone around you is allergic, calling the exterminator might be your best option.

When to Call the Bumble Bee Removal Experts

Even if you are fond of bumble bees and are not allergic, it can be dangerous for anyone to live close to a large bumble bee hive. Bumble bee hives can be extremely large when and where their growth is not inhibited with some hives containing thousands of these large, powerful bees. Some people have encountered bumble bee hives in the wild suddenly and unexpectedly and been overwhelmed by a swarm.

Therefore, it is unwise for even those who have little reason to fear bumble bees to allow a colony to grow unchecked near to their home.  While rare, as is the case when dealing with any animal population, there may be local ordinances prohibiting the unlicensed interference with a colony of bumble bees. In most cases, calling in a beekeeper might be your best option. However, calling on the professional bumble bee removal experts ensures that you can avoid contact with these sometimes dangerous insects, and remain un-entangled with any legal, conservation issues.


Most importantly, professional bumble bee removal services guarantee the complete and lasting removal of these potentially dangerous creatures from your living area.  As always, if you have children of any age- these large bees can be extremely dangerous. If you or anyone near you is allergic to bee stings, bumble bees must be removed as quickly and safely as possible.  To learn more about bumble bee safety, the nature of these unique creatures, and the safest and most effective means of bee removal, contact us today to speak with one of our experts.