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Dead Animal Removal From Your Property

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Do you have a lingering odor that’s making your home unlivable? Chances are that an animal accessed your property somewhere and died. Sometimes people will repair entry points prematurely without making sure that the animal is gone and trap them in the attic or crawl space. Sometimes they’re in the wall. We have years of experience with dead animal removal and carcass location. Give us a call! We do through property inspections – attic, crawl space, perimeter, etc…

We’ve been around for over 30 years and we’re rarely surprised. We’ve cut them out of the floor lying on our backs from inside the crawl space, cut them out of the ceiling standing on a ladder and dug them out of dens in the yard. After we’ve successfully removed the carcass we can seal any openings that you might have. We specialize in animal proofing repairs. We can also treat any areas needed where the carcass was located. Deodorization, disinfecting, sanitization, etc… If you have a need for dead animal removal from your property, chances are you do.