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Dead Animal Removal 

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Dead Animal Removal

Dead animal removal is the process of removing dead animals from private and public property. The decaying carcass can pose a serious health hazard as dead animals often harbor diseases such as rabies. Once Rabies symptoms appear (which can take months), the disease is invariably fatal without treatment.

Dead animals adversely affect local animals and plants, especially if left unburied or disposed of in landfills–which attract pests and increase the landfill volume. The Rotten corpses smell bad and may upset the aesthetic of neighborhoods. In some cases, attracted animals such as bats or birds may cause damage to property by entering eaves, roof cavities, or chimney pots. 

If you’ve discovered a dead rat near you, it’s best to alert the animal control center about the situation and let them take care of things. However, if you decide to dispose of the rodent yourself, or hire someone else to do it for you, be smart about how and where you dispose of the body. 

It is also of utmost importance that everyone (including pets)is kept away from the potentially infectious carcass. 

Moreover, if you have a rat problem at your house, make sure you close any openings that can help rats ( and other rodents) from getting into the house or around the foundation, and then take comfort on walls or crawl spaces near plumbing. In the case of openings inside the wall — where pipes enter from the foundation, for example — It is possible that some rodents find it. Many homeowners also find rats or mice lying dead in their toilets. You may also have dead animals on your property from time to time if you live near nature preserves, which can often be pretty unpleasant for everyone involved, especially if you’re trying to keep your property in tip-top shape. 


Moreover, wear rubber gloves at all times when handling a dead rodent and discard any solid waste immediately. Also, Double-bag the rodent, so nobody gets hurt on your way out or while taking out the trash. Remember that every state has regulations on what to do with dead animals, so check the local rules before taking action.

It is understandable one may want to handle dead animal removal situations by themselves. However, if you have the means, it’s always better to let professionals take care of things from start to finish. Professionals will remove and dispose of the dead animal safely according to local laws and regulations.

There are many different types of companies performing dead animal removal these days, so make sure to research or check with local catalogs for reviews on any company. The advantage of calling a professional over doing it yourself is that they take care of everything, including disposal, cleanup, and even disposing of them at a permitted landfill site free of charge. When hiring professionals for dead animal removal services in Minneapolis, always ask if they have workers’ compensation insurance and liability coverage. 

Dead animals can be a nuisance and pose health risks to people. We must take the time to clean up dead animal bodies, dispose of them properly, and keep everyone safe from infectious diseases or potential injury. By hiring professionals to conduct a dead animal removal, you’ll get rid of the potential dangers and stink rather quickly. 

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