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Birds carry many different diseases and can be a major disturbance around your home. A common word that comes to mind when thinking of certain types of birds is nuisance. The birds we are talking about are mainly geese, starlings, feral pigeons, gulls, and peacocks. Many of these birds take the opportunity to make nests under covered areas. When this covered area happens to be in or around your home, these birds can make a big mess.

Non-destructive birds of this nature are usually considered pests, because of the droppings left on cars and stoops, and the noise that can accompany the growth of babies into fledglings. The mess they make can be an eyesore, but it is also a health risk. Studies show that a nutrient-rich accumulation of bird droppings, feathers, and debris present a disease risk. We want to urge you to call a professional once you notice birds hanging around your home. Give All City Animal Trapping a call. We are the number one company for bird removal in the Fresno area.

Fresno bird trapping and removal

Bird facts:

  • Methods for bird control include physical deterrents, visual deterrents, sonic devices, and chemicals. These deterrents are a short-term fix to a long-term problem. Birds will adapt to them within a few weeks.
  • Pest birds mainly eat fruits, seeds, grains, and insects.
  • Modifying the surrounding environment can aid property owners in ridding buildings of nuisance birds.
  • Unknown to most people, birds can carry mites, ticks, lice, fleas and other biting insects that can spread disease and pose a serious heath risk.

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All City Animal Trapping has over 20 years of experience in Fresno with bird removal. Once we get your call, we inspect the structure and locate the best places to set traps. With pigeons, this is usually close to their nests. This is the most effective way to trap birds. After we remove the birds, we clean, disinfect and sanitize any areas that were affected by the birds. This will keep you and your family safe from any health risk that their droppings may pose. We then secure your home by installing netting or preventative bird spikes. This ensures that you won’t be facing another infestation in a few months. We are your one-stop-shop for bird removal in Fresno County. Take care of your bird problem once and for all and give All City Animal Trapping a call today.

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