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Orange County Wildlife Removal

Eric:  So today we’re going to be talking with Vic at All City Animal Trapping.  I wanted to touch on the subject of Orange County wildlife removal.  I’m assuming these days with the wildfires happening California, it’s kind of complicated things. So is there more wildlife to remove due to the fires these days?

Vic:  Absolutely.  Especially where the fires are, kind of San Bernardino County, that kind of thing. And there’s a lot of animals are going without home, without shelter, without food. And they usually are coming South. So we have seen a spike definitely in animal related issues, especially with wildlife and especially in Orange County.

Eric:  Okay. So for people that don’t know, give us an idea what is wildlife removal? What is wildlife and removal?  When you’re trapping them and you’re removing them.  Give us a peek behind the curtain.

Vic:  Sure.  I mean  it could be anything from birds, roosting or nesting on your front porch to coyotes preying on your pets.  It can be an anything in between.  From possum, skunks and raccoons, it can be gophers any form of wildlife.  A lot of times you see a picture and they might be cute or something like that. But at the end of the day, what they’re doing usually is causing some kind of damage to the property. 

Or just being a nuisance and it’s definitely not something that people want to see on their property.  It can be problematic, especially depending on how many of them, how big of a mess they make. Most of them are nocturnal. So there are some issues there.   Especially with homeowners and businesses that, they can’t afford to have animals in their attic or under the house or in the yard or wherever it might be.

Eric:  Gotcha. So I’m assuming it’s important to be the service that you offer.  Sometimes people need it quickly. And so you I’m assuming you guys cover the Orange County side of Los Angeles.

Vic:  Absolutely. Absolutely.  And it’s a little different in itself.  We deal with wild animals. So people usually don’t want to wait around for it, especially if it’s a snake and we have to do a snake removal or something like that. Especially if it’s a Rattlesnake, which can be potentially very harmful to a pet or somebody. So a lot of times they’re looking for same day service, which we provide and even service on a Sunday. We’re open every day, even holidays. So you can call us at any time and we’ll pick up the phone and go from there in terms of what you need.

Eric:  Okay. And that’s important because if you’re, if you’re a company far away, then it may take just, even if you don’t have anything to do and you jump in the car and you’re three hours away that changes everything.  And the fact that you guys are focusing on the Greater Southern California area and Orange County also I would think that that’s a game changer for someone that’s looking for immediate service.

Vic:  Yeah, absolutely. A lot of companies have one guy per County kind of thing. We have multiple, so we’re able to get to places pretty quickly and same day, most of the time.  So it’s a good thing to, to be able to have that availability for them.

Eric:  Okay. So if someone’s interested, if someone’s looking for wildlife removal in Orange County, they just want to go to your website, and your number’s there to call right away. And have somebody come out right away?

Vic:  Absolutely. No worries, sir.

Eric:  Well, thank you for your time.

Vic:  No problem. Thank you.

Eric:  Thank you.