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Reasons to Consider a Coyote Removal Professional

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Reasons to Consider a Coyote Removal Professional

Coyotes are members of the canine family.  Their coat is typically a light tan color with black and dark brown markings.  They average 2-3 feet in height and about four feet in length. Coyotes often hunt in pairs, but if there is a lot of game in the area, they will hunt individually.  They are considered nuisance animals because of the damage they do while obtaining their food source.  Coyotes can adapt to any environment and although they are thought to only live in rural areas, they are moving into urban areas in search of food.  Having coyote problem can be frustrating and may make you feel uneasy, especially if you have pets and young children.  It’s important to remove coyotes from your property, but removal is difficult unless you are a trained professional.  Here are some reasons to consider a coyote removal professional

Coyotes Diet

One of the most important reasons to consider hiring a professional for coyote removal is because of their diet and hunting habits. Coyotes are not selective eaters; they are mostly carnivorous and will typically survive off a diet that consists of small animals, such rabbits and mice. Coyotes will scavenge through the garbage and kill small dogs and cats in order to satisfy their hunger. Coyotes also attack larger animals, such as deer, cows and sheep when there is opportunity. It’s common for a coyote pack to destroy an entire chicken coop during one night of hunting and if they often return to the same sight until the area is depleted.

Coyotes and Diseases

Coyote removal is essential in order to avoid the spread of potentially fatal diseases and illness to humans and domestic animals. Although there are only a few diseases that may be passed from coyotes to humans, the ones that are transmitted are serious, possibly fatal. Due to the risk of infection, you should never approach a coyote, instead contact a professional wildlife experienced in coyote removal. Coyotes are known carriers of rabies, which can be spread to humans and/or domesticated animals through scratches and bites. Rabies symptoms are similar to early flu symptoms, but the illness progresses quickly and without immediate medical attention, the disease can be fatal. Other potential diseases and illness transmitted by coyotes may include:

Coyotes Invading Your Home

Coyotes have been known to enter homes through open windows, doors and pet flaps. They often enter the home in search of food and may cause a significant amount of damage while trying to find a way out of the house. They typically try to avoid humans, but they will attack if cornered, especially inside of a house. If they go unnoticed inside of a home, they will attack pets and may even kill them for food. When a coyote finds its way inside of your home, it is essential that you distance yourself from the animal.  At that point contact a coyote removal professional immediately.

If you suspect there are coyotes in the area, you should keep the windows and doors closed.  Bring pet food indoors and make sure the garbage can lids fit tightly and avoid leaving pets outside alone.  The best way to prevent the risk of coyotes injuring or killing livestock or domestic animals on your property is to be aware of the signs of coyotes in the area and contact a coyote removal professional at the first signs of coyotes in or near your property.