Reasons to Contact an Animal Trapping Company

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Reasons to Contact an Animal Trapping Company

Whether you live in a rural or an urban environment, you have to share the earth with a variety of wild animals. Although, there are many different types of wild animals, and many are losing their home, this doesn’t mean they should come and live with you. If you are noticing signs of wild animals either in your home or on your property, it’s recommended that you contact an animal trapping company as soon as possible. Professional animal trapping companies have the experience, tools and equipment to safely remove unwanted wild animals from your home or property. Removing wild animals on your own can result in injuries and you are putting yourself at risk of contracting diseases. The safest way to remove wild animals is by letting a professional do the work for you.

Common Animals Removed

An animal trapping company typically has the experience to remove any species of wild animal, but the most common species of animals that homeowners request be removed include:

  • Mice and rats- Both rats and mice can find their way into your home, especially the attic, and begin taking up residence before you even know they’re there. When these pests make a home in your attic or walls there is a significant risk of them causing extensive and expensive damages, including the risk of fire from chewed wires. There are several different methods for getting rid of rats and mice, but the most effective solution is with snap traps. When you contact a professional animal removal company, the technician will set traps in locations where there are signs of rodents and then will come back in a few days to check the traps and remove the carcass of caught mice and rats.
  • Raccoons- It’s common for raccoons to enter the attic through openings in the roof and eves and through loose shingles. A raccoon can rip the shingles off and chew holes in the roof in order to find a way in. Raccoons carry a wide variety of diseases and parasites that can be left behind when they defecate on the attic floor. They may be cute animals, but if cornered, a raccoon can cause serious injuries, especially to children and domestic pets. If you suspect a raccoon is living in your attic or in another area on your property, it’s important that you contact a professional animal trapping company as soon as possible to remove the animal from your property.
  • Opossums- These wild animals are notorious for making a home under porches and in crawlspaces. Opossums are extremely smelly animals and their droppings often contain parasites that can be harmful to humans and pets. They are difficult to remove and the only way to safely remove an opossum is with trapping. Once the animal is trapped, the technician can safely relocate the animal to a less populated area, where there isn’t a risk of it coming back to your property. It’s also important to note that trapping an opossum is illegal in same states, unless it is done by a licensed trapping and removal company.
  • Squirrels- If you are hearing scampering noises and noticing missing insulation, it’s a good sign that you have squirrels living in or coming in and out of the attic. It’s important to locate the entry point and seal it off with steel mesh. If the squirrels are living in the attic, they will need to be removed before you seal up the opening. Contact a wild animal removal professional to remove the squirrels-never attempt to do this task on your own. A technician will also have experience in inspecting the attic to ensure there aren’t multiple openings and that there aren’t baby squirrels being left behind in the attic.

Many people aren’t aware of the extensive amount of damage that wild animals can do to their property. If you are noticing signs of a wild animal living in your home or on your property, it’s important that you contact a professional animal removal company as soon as possible. You should never attempt to remove a wild animal on your own, because there is a significant risk of injury. Once a wild animal has taken up residence inside of your home, it will not take long for them to start causing damages, so the sooner you contact a professional, the better.  For these reasons to contact an animal trapping company, contact All City Animal Trapping for a free and immediate quote.

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