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Redondo Beach Animal Removal

Eric : All right, Travis. I wanted to talk about all city animal trapping. And, how long has all city animal trapping been in business?

All City Animal Trapping : 25 to 30 years.

Eric :
That’s a long time.

All City Animal Trapping : Yeah.

Eric : So, you guys have been servicing the Redondo beach area for that whole time?

All City Animal Trapping : That’s correct. We have.

Eric : And, what services in Redondo beach do you guys offer?

All City Animal Trapping : So to give a brief overview of the services we offer in Redondo beach, the ones that come to mind, the quickest are trapping, obviously for things like raccoons, skunks, possums, rat proofing houses, sending rat traps, sending gopher traps in yards, identifying the difference between a raccoon tearing up a yard and a gopher tearing up a yard, doing pigeon exclusion on houses. Outside of that, there’s different nuances to it, but the majority of it is trapping identifying what type of animal it is and then sealing it up so nothing can get in again. That’s our main specialty. We do offer cleanups as well, cleaning out a damaged or dirty insulation that isn’t sanitary anymore.

And we also do dead animal removals from underneath houses. Sometimes animals get down there, whether they’ve had a fight with another one or not, or maybe they’re just old and it starts to smell and you got to call somebody like me to come get it out, but those are the general guidelines for what we do there is we service.If people have questions, they can always call and ask. We answer all that sort of stuff over the phone, and we can give rough estimates as to the price, although it’s kind of difficult at times without seeing the property. But, our guys in the office are very, very well versed at hearing it over the phone.They’ve all trapped themselves and then identifying what they think the correct thing to do might be.

Eric : Do you guys get a lot of bee removal calls and meet on the beach?

All City Animal Trapping : Yeah. I wouldn’t say a ton, but is does happen out here. I’ve absolutely removed a lot of hives out here. Still a lot of bees out there.I know everybody gets very concerned about the bee population. So a lot of times what we’ll try to do is get the queen, move her somewhere else. And I do have a decent relationship with a couple of beekeepers that I can take the according to them, worst case scenario. So it’s a small world in the animal community. So everybody does seem to know each other, but yeah, we do bee removal in the South Bay. Absolutely. And it does come up pretty often in the summer.

Eric : And if somebody has a pet that has died, do you service that?

All City Animal Trapping : Absolutely. So they have a pet that’s died, if it’s chipped or anything like that. We’re going to encourage them to either take it to the shelter or you can call us and we’ll take it to their shelter for you. And the reason is cats and dogs are kind of the shelters business. That’s what they do and they go with it. But what happens a lot of times, this happened to me yesterday was a person’s cat, went underneath his house.

He couldn’t get it out. So I had to go underneath and get his cat out for him, and bring it back to him.Now we can get into the reasoning of why it went down there. I actually don’t know, maybe it got scared by something overnight like coyotes or something, that type of stuff happens often. And then if they happen to die down there, then you gotta hire somebody cause it’s gonna smell, it’s really going to smell. And then we got to get it out.

Eric : Of course. So you offer a lot of services there in Redondo beach, in the South Bay. If anybody is interested, all city animal trapping has trappers across the city. Travis is the trapper in the South Bay area, servicing from Redondo beach to all the way to El Segundo back to Torrance and over to Long Beach. So if you’re looking for Redondo Beach animal removal go to their website and all of their contact information is there. Thank you, Travis.

All City Animal Trapping : Thank you.