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South Bay Animal Trapping and Animal Removal

Eric:  All right. Hello everybody. We’re here with Travis Williams from All City Animal Trapping and he specializes in animal removal and animal trapping specifically in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.  Travis, so uh welcome.

Travis:  Thank you for having me.

Eric:  Uh, yeah, sure you’re welcome.  Give us an idea. So I’m assuming you’re, since you’re focused on there, you live nearby.  And people, if they need an emergency situation, you’re there right away.

Travis:  Absolutely. I live in South Redondo Beach.  When I started doing animal trapping, I lived in San Pedro at the time.  Kind of work the South Bay area for the last 16 years or so.  Common things I’m running into every day.  And you know, a lot of our job is seasonal.  But at this time of year, right now we have a lot of the babies that were born through the spring time.  Starting to come out and that’s from all the big animal groups out here.  Whether it be skunk, raccoon or possum.  They’re all coming out. And basically the adults are teaching the young how to feed.  Or the mothers are teaching the young how to feed right now.

And what that involves is a lot of tearing up lawns, doing what they call grubbing.  Looking for earthworms and insect larva in the rich topsoil.  And then you’re always going to have rats. It’s pretty much a year round thing.  Rodents are in this area almost year round. So you mix that in with a little bit of keeping birds out of peoples attics and of the roofs and some smaller jobs like that and that makes up the bulk of our industry in this area covering.  I personally cover from about Long Beach up to Manhattan Beach.  Along the coast right there.

Eric:  Gotcha. So you’re doing Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, correct?  El Segundo and Torrance.

Travis:  Palos Verdes

Eric:  What was the last one?

Travis:  And some San Pedro as well.

Eric:  Okay. And do you find that are there any trends with COVID that some animals you’re, getting more calls for or less calls for?

Travis:  I was surprised to find that with COVID and grateful obviously and I’m extremely grateful. But with COVID work I don’t know if the increase, but it does seem like that the fact that people were home so much more led to them hearing animals that maybe they wouldn’t have heard before.  Whether that’s in the attic or mice in the walls or something in the yard.  I think people are out to pay a lot more attention than during the normal hustle and bustle of their daily life. You can let stuff slide for a little while or ignore the noise behind the fridge for a little while longer.

But I think because of everything that happened, it made people focus a little bit more on their immediate surroundings.  Which did create a little bit more calls for us and a little bit more work.  Which again, I’m super grateful for it, but I didn’t notice it because I expected like most industries to see a little bit of a fall off.  And it didn’t happen, in fact, there was probably a slight uptick.

Eric:  Gotcha.  You know, when I’m working from home due to COVID, you hear everything.  You’re home all day.  And I know you’re working at home, you’re sleeping at home. You maybe walk down to the beach or whatever, but for the most part you’re home.  And so you’re tinkering in the house trying to do some repairs on the closet door or whatever, and then you hear noises and you’re, you’re a little bit more sensitive because you’re home all the time.

Travis:  Absolutely. And that’s what I’ve experienced at time. We even had it affect us here at my house.  My girl called me yelling about a mouse in the house and all that. So it never ends.

Eric:  Yeah, and it’s a good thing to have someone, because a lot of times it’s almost like an emergency situation. Sometimes when you have like a snake in the house or you have something somewhere, or you have a pet that passed away.  You don’t want that you want it out of the house.  You don’t want it to be laying there for two days until the company can come and pick it up. So it’s nice to have someone that lives in the area knows the area. They can come and give that kind of fast service.

Travis:  Absolutely. And there is the more expertise side of our job. Then there’s a whole other side and it does involve that getting out there quickly and getting it done quickly.  We do provide dead animal removal services, and it’s a common thing that happens with possums. It happens with possums a lot. They have a really short life span.  So they go basically somewhere to pass away when their life expectancy is kind of over.  And a lot of times that’ll be underneath people’s houses. You won’t know it first because it takes a couple of days for that smell to start.  But once it starts, it’s not going to back down. And now you’ve got that smell constantly increasing for two weeks.

Which is when it does turn into an emergency situation. If you have you’re going to have people over. You’re going to have a party. No one wants to not be able to use two or three rooms of their house because it smells awful.  And that’s when a guy like me can come in and get it done in 30, 45 minutes and go underneath the house.  Figure it out, bag it up, take it out, or sanitize the area.  Clean it up and deodorize afterwards and really help solve the problem with quickly.  Because not a lot of companies are providing that service.

Eric:  Sweet. So people can go to your websites  Your phone number is there.  All your social media, email, whatever you need.  From my experience, you guys pick up the phone like right away.

Travis:  Yup. We always have somebody on the phones.

Eric:  Okay. Well, thank you. Thank you for your time.

No problem. Thank you, sir.