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Squirrel quarrels.

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I don’t think that squirrels get enough credit for how destructive and mad they can be. I personally like squirrels because of their many characteristics including erratic behavior. One of our trappers, Travis, will nurse them or care for injured squirrels until they’re ready to be released back into the wild.  He always comments on how loyal they are. I guess I only see the other side of squirrels. When they’re causing damage to a roof, attic, AC unit, etc… Customers often complain of heavy, larger animals that are in their attics and always say that “it sounded like a man was up there!” Or “Whatever it is was having a party last night.”

When they comment on hearing them during the day then you can pretty much rule out 85% of the animals we normally come into contact with and assume it’s most likely a squirrel. Most people don’t have a problem with squirrels until they start eating patio furniture or breach the home and enter. We always use humane animal removal methods at All City Animal Trapping. Whether we set cage style traps, remove them by hand or install a one way door that allows the animal to exit and not re-enter. If you have a large squirrel community near you just make sure your vents are all closed off and that any trees are cut back and not touching the roof. Simple checks on your home now could end up saving you thousands of dollars later.