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Trapper Trevor Reporting Live from Newport Beach

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So yesterday I go to a beautiful home in Newport Beach and the homeowner is setting his own traps for squirrels. Sometimes, you’re going to get non-target animals. In this case, a skunk. The trap is set on the patio, on some tiles in his backyard. It is very close to his patio furniture and BBQ area. That’s where most of the squirrel activity is and that’s why he set it there. He’s caught and removed 3 squirrels already, but didn’t think that he would get anything else. He offered to pay me double if I could remove the skunk without it spraying. I let him know that that’s not up to me. That skunks spray. That’s what they do. Before I get in position to remove the skunk, I ask him to go inside, just in case. I don’t want the skunk to be startled. I have a tarp with me just in case, but it doesn’t matter. The skunk sprays all over the place. It gets me, the patio furniture, and everything else in close proximity. The homeowner was upset and I tried to explain that it wasn’t my fault. I just did what you hired me to do – remove the skunk. I also told him that if he would’ve closed the trap in the evening, this wouldn’t have happened. He looked puzzled. I reminded him that if you’re catching squirrels, just set the trap in the day and close it at night. If the traps are still set at night, you’re likely to catch nocturnal animals. He thanked me and still tipped!

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