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Trapper Trevor Reporting Live from Whittier

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From time to time I get calls about pets. Sometimes people are over the responsibility, but most of the time it’s because they got out of their cage or tank. Usually it’s a pet snake that’s slithering around the house. Not this time. This time it’s a tarantula. My first thought is ‘this is going to be a nightmare.’ I’m not the biggest spider supporter, but I’ll always try to help a customer in need. Spiders can be anywhere. They can climb anything and just hang out, unseen for days. I looked high and low for what seemed like 2 hours trying to find this spider and finally gave up. I told the lady that I had no idea where it was and searched what I thought was everywhere.

She asked me if I checked the downstairs office. I didn’t know about a downstairs office. So I followed her in there and it was dark. She said the lamp didn’t work and she would open the blinds to let light in. As she opened the blinds, the spider dropped from the top curtain and on to her head and then the floor. I was able to corral the spider while she was freaking out. She was screaming and kicking and honestly, I was trying hard not to laugh. It was pretty funny.

No one got hurt (including the spider) and I was able to do what she called me out to do. I put the spider back in it’s tank, gave her a hug and told her that everything was going to be OK and left. Not all calls have happy endings, but this one sure did. Well, at least for me. On to the next one…