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So I receive a call about a mother pitbull under a house. I talk briefly with the customer and she says there’s a pitbull running around her yard. She also says that she thinks that the pitbull is a mother and her litter has passed under the house.

I grab a coyote trap and head out there. I go under and she’s right. There is a mother pitbull under there and a litter that has passed and naturally, the mother is guarding it. The crawl space has plenty of room upon entering, but tapers off as you go in deeper getting very tight. When we go in, the pitbull goes deep where it’s tight so we’re able to remove the litter. Phase 1: complete.

Now to try and remove the pitbull live with a snare. Once I get to the back she starts to growl and I’m not going to lie, I was extremely frightened. We were able ┬áto get the snare around her neck and front legs. Now for the hard part. Pulling an adult pitbull our of a crawl space from laying on our bellies (I did bring help). Impossible. I’m a pretty big guy and so is my partner but there is absolutely no way that we could’ve pulled her out. After about 30 minutes we give up on that and try to get out of the crawl space unscathed. Once we’re out and putting the crawl space hatch back on, she violently approaches and barks. Close call.

We end up setting the coyote trap and baiting it. We caught it the same night. Off to pick up the animal, take it to an adoption center and do animal proofing repairs on the house so it doesn’t happen again. Whew! That was a close one…

Until next time,

Trapper Vic