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As always, I receive my work at the office in the morning for that day. I get the usual: couple animal pickups, raccoon setup and a bee estimate in Manhattan Beach.

After I pickup the animals that I caught the night before and knock out the raccoon setup, I mentally prepare myself for the bee job. I don’t particularly care for bees. I’m not allergic, but every time I’ve gotten stung in my life, it’s been in the head. So you can see why I don’t care for them.

The work order I received from the office for this job did not specify that this nest is on the third story of the house. I’m not very fond of heights either but luckily for me it was on a part of the chimney facing the house and not the edge of the roof. I have my bee suit on and all the tools I need to get the job done. I come back down to explain the situation to the customer. I let them know what was needed to solve the job and what the cost for that service was. They agreed and back on the roof I go.

Bees Covering Man
I like honey...mmmm

I eliminated the queen (very important). After that, the worker bees are all over me. This is natural, the worker bees have a job to do besides pollinating and that is to protect the queen and the hive. After about a half-hour the worker bees are gone. All I have to do now is remove all parts of the hive. If you don’t complete this step, other bees will just inhabit the abandoned hive. I remove all parts of the hive, honey and honeycomb and head down the ladder to safety. I let the customer know the work that I’ve done and she was extremely happy as she said she has little ones who play outside a lot and she was fearful that they would get stung. I knew for sure that they wouldn’t because I just removed them. Another happy customer…

Until next time folks!!

Trapper Vic
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