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Trapper Vic Reporting Live From Van Nuys!

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I’m headed to Van Nuys for what seems to be a dead animal in the crawl space. I talk to the customer and he says that it is under the pool house and there is a spacious crawl space. Ok, no problem.

I arrive and he takes me to the back yard where you can definitely smell it. But this is no pool house. It’s under the framing of a spa. Not a whole lot of space under there. He points out where the spa serviceman had left an access panel uncovered. Definitely where the animal got in.

A lot of times animals are able to squeeze their way into a space and unfortunately, unable to find their way out. Sadly, this usually results in a dead animal. ¬†After going around the spa I find an area where I’m able to stick my snare in and try to grab the carcass.

Bullseye! Pull the animal out, treat the area where it died to kill any bacteria and dissipate the odor as soon as possible. I tell the customer to get the spa serviceman out to cover the access hole so it wouldn’t happen again. He asked me if I could do it. So I went to the hardware store and picked up some wood (same wood and stain as the spa).

All of us technicians carry all of the tools we need because you never know what’s going to happen on any given day at any given time. I cut the wood down to size, screw in some hinges and even make him a latch. Very happy, the customer offered me a beer and tipped me! Not to bad… I love Van Nuys!

Until next week,

Trapper Vic