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Who to call to remove dead animals

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Who to call to remove dead animals

Eric:  All right. So we’re here with Vic from All City Animal Trapping. And we want to talk about, who to call to remove dead animals. It’s my understanding that you guys handle anything to do with animals.  With animal trapping, animal removal.  If someone sees a dead animal in their backyard or on the street or under their house, or whatever the case may be. Who do you suggest to call for that animal removal?

All City Animal Trapping:  I mean, well definitely us.  As obvious one for me.  But yeah we operate every day. Weekends, weekdays, holidays, birthdays every day. We’re available and have offices everywhere. So we coverage cover a large area. But definitely, dead animals is up there with one of our specialties.

Eric: And when you say cover a larger area, which areas do you cover?

All City Animal Trapping:  I mean Riverside County, San Bernardino County, all of Orange County, all of Los Angeles County. So we have different offices, different guys everywhere. And again every day as well. So you’re looking for same day service, that’s us. We offer also offer a low price guarantee. If anyone can beat my price, we’ll beat it. So we’re ready, we’re ready to just give us a call. So people always asked to, I didn’t or say, I didn’t know who to call or even buddies that I know. I didn’t know who to call to remove dead animals. Who do I call for dead animal removal. I mean, we’ve been doing it longer than anyone else in, in Southern California. So we have all the experience and it’s rare that we’re surprised by a dead animal situation.

Eric: You touched on the price guarantee. What is the cost for a dead animal removal?

All City Animal Trapping: It all depends on what it is. Where it is and what it takes to remove it. Obviously a dead possum in your backyard would be cheaper than cutting a dead rat out of your ceiling. You know what I mean? So it just all depends on what it takes to get it out because they can be anywhere. You know what I mean? So sometimes we have to pull the dishwasher out and there’s a dead rat under there.

Sometimes we have to cut a hole in the outside of your wall and there’s a dead skunk that wedged itself in and couldn’t find its way out. Sometimes we’re even laying on our backs in your crawlspace, cutting a carcass out of your floor. So it just all depends on what it is and what that scope of work entails. But you definitely won’t find a company that’ll charge less than us.

Eric: All those scenarios that you explained, I would be thinking, I would be asking that’d be one of the first things is how much is this dead animal removal gonna cost me.  So you guys come out and then you give an estimate or you give an estimate over the phone. How does it work?

All City Animal Trapping: It’s usually over the phone. If they can describe it to us and give us somewhat detailed description of what’s going on. Then we’re able to just give them a little range over the phone of what that might be. But if it’s something really simple and straightforward, like a dead cat lying on your garage floor.  And it’s accessible, that’d be relatively low costs and would be quick and easy, and we’d get someone there ASAP for you.

Eric: And I’m assuming these days with taking a picture with your cell phone and sending it over to you guys, you can get a pretty good idea if they take some pictures and send it over right away. You can see more or less what’s going on.

All City Animal Trapping: That would definitely help trying to gauge or quote the dead animal removal cost for sure. Any help is welcomed.

Eric: Can you get out there within the same day? Or does it take a couple of days for you guys to get out there?

All City Animal Trapping: If they call us kind of early enough, we could definitely get out the same day. But if someone calls at six or seven at night, then it gets a little tougher to guarantee to get someone out that night.

But if I have guys or tech still working or out in that area, then we’ll definitely get someone out at the same time. We don’t really have a time where we close. If our guys are working until seven or eight, they’ll work that late. You know what I mean? So it just all depends. And then obviously there’s some emergency situations. But most people are usually able to wait until the following day.

If the cost was a little more than they thought it was, they say that they’ll just deal with it. But most of the time they call us the next day and say, get this thing outta here. It’s unbearable sometimes. There’s no mistake in that smell neither.

Eric: Yeah. And I’m sure sometimes if it’s a pet, it’s a sad situation. Maybe they want to kinda do whatever they’re wanting to do. And they don’t want the pet in there for days.

All City Animal Trapping: Yeah, absolutely. With the pet it’s, it’s a little different and obviously they know the animal it’s part of the family. So we treat it very delicately as well. So it just depends on the situation.  But as far as dead animal removal costs or who should you call for a dead animal removal?

I mean, what were your guys?

Eric: Okay, well, your all your info is on your website. And thanks Vic.

All City Animal Trapping: Yeah, no problem. Thank you.