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Bee Relocation Los Angeles

The North American Honey Bee, we all know them and we all love them. They are one of the most charming members of the insect kingdom. Not only that, but they are a very important part of the food chain. Bees have co-evolved with flowering plants longer than most species of animals have even existed. Plants are optimized to attract bees, and bees are optimized to help the plants to reproduce.

Many people are unaware that bees even have a special language that they use to communicate the location of potential food sources. When a scout bee has located a potential food source, he performs a dance that tells the colony bees in which direction to fly and how long to fly in that direction. If another scout favors another food source, the bees hold “elections.” The bees form support groups for the scout they believe is right- and they even try to recruit bees to support their favorite scout from the opposing group! The result is that the entire hive effectively decides which scout has a more convincing flight dance.

Today, most people are aware that the noble honey bee is in trouble. Their numbers have dwindled to dangerously low numbers. They have been observed in the wild in increasingly small numbers, and many nests are populated by troubled bees that don’t have the energy to do the things they need to do to survive.

However, if you enjoy the warm spring and summer weather of Los Angeles County, you’ve probably seen some active bees recently. Bees love this climate, just like most of us do. That means you might have a bee-related problem soon if you haven’t had one already. You may need Bee Relocation Los Angeles.

When bees build their nests in human habitations, or on them, it can create a problem for them and us. You may have small children who might be curious about the nest or the bees, or you may have an animal who might run into trouble with them. Worse still, if you are allergic to bee venom, or if anyone who lives with you is allergic to bees, then the presence of a hive in, on, or near your home poses a grave threat to the health and safety of your family.

If you have a problematic bee colony located too near to your living space, you should have them removed as quickly and professionally as possible. But, of course, bees are charming. They are critical to the food supply, they are unique and amazing, and they are in trouble. For these reasons, you do not want to kill the bees that are living too close to your home, you want to have them relocated.

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We all know that we need the bee population to thrive if we want to protect the environment, the flowering plants, and the food chain. If the bees go, we will lose many of the foods we are familiar with, possibly reducing the available food to dangerously low levels. Not only that, but the flowers will suffer as well. Therefore, we do not want to destroy the bees. We want to move them safely to another location where they can thrive and continue to do their all-important pollination job.

We work with numerous professional and hobbyist beekeepers and stewards of protected bee habitats as well as maintain our own apiary. When you call us, we will arrive at the location of the trouble bee colony. We will stun the bees using smoke, or some other form non-lethal immobilization to prevent the bees from attacking while we dislodge, secure, and relocate the hive.

Our 100% environmentally safe and friendly Bee Relocation Los Angeles process does not rely on poisons that can contaminate the area. Your problem bees will simply go to sleep and wake up in a bigger, more promising location with no human habitations to get in the way of their search for food. We use specialized bee vacuums and bee boxes that are specially designed to gently contain the bees just long enough for our professional teams to place them at their final destination.

At our apiary, or at an affiliate bee keeper’s apiary, your removed bee colony will be able to grow much larger than they would have been able to do while attached to your house. At their destination apiary, beekeepers carefully purge the local area of insects and other creatures that are hostile to bees. In the absence of humans and other species that prey on bees, your colony will be healthier and happier than ever.

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