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Animal Removal Service

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Animal Trapping, Animal Removal Service

As human development and wildlife territory collide, unwanted animal intrusion is bound to happen and with it. There is a risk of property damage, disturbance of peace and health risks to you and your family. When this happens to you and you want quick, effective and humane removal of wildlife from your property, All City Animal Trapping can help with all forms of animal removal service, Control, Removal and Trapping

There’s no area on your property our professionally-trained trappers can’t reach. They are experienced at trapping only the target animals. Once the target animal is trapped they can secure the area to prevent unwanted intrusions in the future (see Exclusion Barriers).

Worried about other animals, including pets, triggering the traps? We only set traps to capture the target pest or pests. One simple example, a raccoon is living in your attic and you want him out. All City Animal Trapping will set traps in the attic or on the roof. Traps on the ground might capture non-target animals, which wouldn’t rid you of the raccoon in your attic.

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Los Angeles animal exclusion barrier

Exclusion Barriers

Simply performing Animal Removal doesn’t solve most nuisance problems completely. Your property is still exposed! The animal’s point of entry, and other areas you may not even be aware of, leaves you vulnerable to another intrusion. All City Animal Trapping experts will identify animal entryways and perform Animal Exclusion by constructing barriers which are built to last. We guarantee them for five years! Our Animal Exclusion barriers are 100% effective at preventing unwanted animals from entering your property.

It only takes one wild animal to wreak a lot of havoc on your Los Angeles home! Secure your property with our animal exclusion barriers and save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage (see Damage Repairs). In need of sleep, looking for torpor, hibernation, or estivation here.

Animal Damage Repairs

Wildlife can damage your property in dangerous and expensive ways. Rats can chew through your electrical wires and create a potential fire hazard. Raccoons can remove weak screening and become unwanted guests in your home. Bats can fly into your attic and make it unsafe and unsanitary with their bat guano (droppings). Did we mention rats and raccoons leave droppings, too?

All City Animal Trapping’s professional trappers will clean animal entryways, spot possible hazards, repair holes in walls, replace broken screening and fix any other damage done by unwanted wildlife.

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Commercial Property and Animal Removal Services

All City Animal Trapping works with commercial businesses to protect their properties from unwanted wildlife and the costly damages these animals can cause. Prevention with our exclusion barriers (see Exclusion Barriers) is less of a headache and more cost-effective for you and your company than cleanup and damage repair. Traps can also be set and routinely checked to keep unwanted animals from making their home on your property. Call us anytime, toll-free at 877-724-5314.

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Animal Identification (Unknown Noises or Scratches)

Property owners know when an unwanted animal is present, even if they haven’t seen the animal. Unknown smells, droppings, noises, scratches and scurrying sounds heard around the property are indicators of wildlife presence. These nuisance animals are most likely causing damage to your property. Often the pests are dangerous disease-carrying rodents. All City Animal Trapping professionals will identify the animal as well as its entryway to your property. We’ll quickly, effectively and humanely perform the animal removal service and prevent it from returning to endanger you or cause additional damage to your property.

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Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal

A strange, foul odor is usually the first indication of a dead animal on your property. When an animal is sick or wounded its first instinct is to find a place to hide. That hiding place is usually not easy to access, such as underneath a home or in the attic.

Dead animal removal is not always easy or safe. It may require crawling into a tight, cramped space and in potentially hazardous conditions. The animal must be sniffed out, removed and properly disposed of. The area must then be cleaned, decontaminated and properly sealed off, if necessary.

A dead animal may also mean that the property has other unwanted animals. A dead rat may be a part of a family of rats living on your property. Our licensed professionals are trained to identify infestations and effectively remove any wildlife invading your home.

If you suspect there’s a dead animal on your property but can’t locate it, call All City Animal Trapping. Our professionals will quickly find it and remove it.

Dead animals can be ripe with disease, posing a health hazard to the elderly, small children and household pets. Dead animals can also attract other unwanted wildlife. Due to health concerns it’s always best to get a licensed professional to dispose of a dead animal.

Deodorization & Decontamination from Wildlife

Once an animal has been removed from your property the area still needs to be deodorized and decontaminated. Animals leave behind all sorts of messes, such as nesting material and droppings. Not only does this make your property smell horrible, animal messes can become a breeding ground for disease and parasites. The waste left from attic-dwelling animals also poses as a bio-hazardous risk. The pheromones they leave behind can attract more unwanted animals.

All City Animal Trapping will treat the contaminated area with a natural, biological agent that’s specially designed to effectively neutralize harsh odors the animal leaves behind.

Deodorization & Decontamination from Wildlife