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Many people feel safe around stray or lost dogs because many of us have dogs as loving pets in our homes

However, when you encounter a stray dog on the street, they may not act as your loving dog does at home. It’s very important to think of your safety first. Instead of trying to approach the dog and handle the canine removal yourself, call a professional. All City Animal Trapping has been doing canine trapping and removal in Los Angeles for over 20 years. We humanely and safely trap and remove the canine.

A canine could be a stray or lost dog, a wolf, coyote or fox. It is very important to get professional help in these situations. Here are some reasons why:

  • Canines could be unstable or feel threatened by you and attack.
  • The dog could have rabies. Rabies is very common in stray or lost dogs. If you get bitten you could contract rabies. Moreover, if the dog is in a rabid state, it could influence the dog to attack where it normally wouldn’t.
  • The animal might be sick and you could put your own health at risk by trying to handle the situation yourself.
  • It’s common for dogs to hide in a crawl space or crevice. Do not approach a dog hiding this way. It may attack if it feels cornered or that it’s in danger.

We are professional canine trappers

It is important to seek professional services whenever you are faced with a dangerous or threatened canine. All City Animal Trapping has been doing humane canine removal in the Los Angeles area for many years. We offer fast, friendly service and are available 7 days a week. Give us a call at (877)724-5314 for a free quote for your canine removal in the Los Angeles area. For expert service at an unbeatable price, use All City Animal Trapping for your animal trapping and animal removal needs.

Wild Canine Removal

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