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Coyote Removal

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Coyote Removal

Eric: So, hi everybody. This is Eric, and I’ve got a Vic, at All City Animal Trapping with us today We’re going to be talking about coyote removal.  Hi Vic, how you doing?

Vic:  Oh, pretty good.

Eric:  It’s Friday, I can see the light at the tunnel. So I’m happy.

Vic: Yes, sir.

Eric: So I wanted to talk about coyote, trapping and removal.  One of the things that I’ve always wondered is like, how do you keep coyotes away from your home?  Cause this is a, I have a dog and it’s always a concern for me. And I keep hearing and seeing on my ring app that coyotes in the neighborhood and things like that.  And I want to, you know, I’m very cautious. I have a tiny small puppy. So what’s a good suggestion you might have for, to keep coyotes away from one’s home.

Vic: Sure. Um, so we’ve always offered trapping services. And, uh, now it’s, it’s only the use of humane cage style traps that we’re able to use.  We used to be able to use coyote snares, but they were recently banned.  We got a letter from LA County saying we can no longer use snares.  It’s because that most of the time the animals are dead in the stairs.  Then as far as trying to get away from maybe an accidental death from someone’s pet or something that gets in the snare, that’s why they sent the letters out to all trapping companies.  So that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Even though trapping is not as effective as the snares were, but it’s also caused us to get more creative and in doing so now we install rollers and that sort of thing.

Coyote Deterrence

Deterrence, we haven’t found something that’s very effective, effective, or efficient or works for very long.  You can read about some home remedies, like cayenne pepper. Or Wolf urine or stuff like that.  They might work for a day or two, but I mean, you’re going to be putting cayenne pepper out in your lawn for the rest of your life or something like that. So yeah it’s online, you can buy it. I don’t know what’s in that jar, what the label says but so we install these rollers.

Basically put them on the top of your gate or your fence.  Then it allows, or it doesn’t allow the coyote to get footing or position to get over your fence. And so they get to the top, it just keeps rolling and they’re not able to, to get in.  That’s been very effective as far as trapping.  It’s not so much because it’s hard to lure such a clever animal like a coyote into a trap.

They don’t necessarily trust free food. And it’s kind of like, why would I go in that trap and eat that chicken? When, you know, there’s a bunch of cats and dogs around here that I could eat. So that part gets tougher.  But it has caused us to get more creative and the rollers worked great.  We usually come out to do some measuring and quote it right then and there and can install it pretty quickly. So that’s been a, I think the most beneficial for our customers so far.


Eric:  Is there a way a suggestion that you have to, if you see a coyote around to just kind of scare them off?  Is there a sound that they don’t react well to?  Or is there something that you would suggest?

Vic: I mean, any, any kind of loud noise, you know, especially if you’re walking your pet?  You know, you’ll see a lot of people with walking sticks or a golf club or something like that, just in case.  But even just making some noise and clapping your hands are enough for them to go the other direction.  Cause they kind of operate, they’re very sly animals. They’re very low key. And they kind of operate in the shadows and they’re pretty athletic for lack of another term. Cause they hop fences and they get after it. If they have there’s something, they like, they It’ll kind of keep coming, you know.  They don’t have anything else to do.

Eric: How does All City Animal Trapping work with coyote removal?

Vic: Well, for the most part, we start with trapping and if that doesn’t solve the problem, then we can look into other like the rollers. And it all depends on the property and also what the homeowner wants.  They’re not ugly or anything.   It’s not gonna ruin the home as far as aesthetic values go.  But trapping, you know, it’s works.  It can work.  Cause you know, sometimes they’re just a little too clever. They won’t go into the trap. So we have to figure out other ways to prevent people’s pets from being harmed.

After Trapping

Eric: Okay. And after you trapped the coyote, then what do you guys do.

Vic: So by law, they are euthanized.  So we put them down.  Yeah, so that’s just the law you know.  We’re not able to take them from point A and take them to point B.  That’s just a, it’s a illegal, it’s a no, no. So we’re not able to do that.

Eric: Gotcha. And how can people find you?

Vic:  Oh, on our website,  You can also reach us on various ways. We’re on Instagram and on Facebook and we have Yelps and Google and all that stuff as well.

Eric: Awesome. Okay. Well, thank you.  Thank you for your time.

Vic: My pleasure. Thanks for having me. Yes, sir.

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