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Coyotes in Riverside CA

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Coyotes in Riverside CA

Though coyotes prefer to not interact with humans, they are common in urban areas and many suburbs. Most of the time, coyotes do not pose a danger to humans, but there are some cases where these animals can be dangerous or cause problems. Some of the most common complaints about coyotes are the killing of chickens, spreading of diseases, and the potential risk to children and family pets. If a coyote is found to be living on a property, it is best to call for help from a specialist trained in the behavior of coyotes in Riverside CA. 


Being able to determine if the animal is a coyote is key to deciding if help with removal is needed. Coyotes are about the size of a medium-sized dog and smaller than a wolf. The coats of coyotes in Riverside CA range in color from tan to a gray-white mix. Some coyotes have dark brown or black spots scattered throughout the coat. Coyotes are skinnier than dogs and their howl is very identifiable, sounding like a crying baby or a dying animal. For the most part, coyotes prefer solitude, however, they sometimes roam in pairs. Rarely will coyotes hunt or interact as a pack.


For the most part, coyotes are skittish around humans and will tend to stay away. However, with the drastic reduction in their natural habitats, coyotes have been making their way into suburban areas in search of food and shelter. Coyotes eat rats and mice, helping keep the rodent population down. However, they have also been known to eat small dogs and cats. While searching for food, coyotes will make a mess of garbage cans and then to cause a lot of noise howling at night. If coyotes are hanging around a property, it might be best to call for help from a removal specialist. 


Being very adaptive creatures help coyotes in Riverside CA live in most environments. They are able to develop characteristics and habits based on the environment they are in. For the most part, coyotes prefer to live in hilly and open areas. Instead of digging their own nests, coyotes will steal the burrows of foxes and woodchucks. Coyotes that live in more urbanized areas will make their homes under porches, in sheds, or anywhere else that can offer shelter and easy access to food. 


Coyotes are considered a nuisance animal, mostly because they can prey on domesticated animals. Common issues associated with coyotes are the attacking of livestock, such as chicken, goats, and sheep. If the coyote feels an area will produce plenty of food, it will return over and over to the same area until the food source is eliminated. Coyotes have also been known to jump over fences to attract small dogs, cats, and small children in a yard. 

Coyote Trapping

Using do-it-yourself traps for coyotes post several issues. First they are clever creatures and very difficult to trap. Secondly, there is a risk of catching someone’s pet or other wildlife in the trap. Finally, some traps are not considered humane. To ensure the coyote is properly trapped and humanely relocated, it is best to call for help from a local wildlife specialist. 

Coyotes in Riverside CA Removal

The best way to remove coyotes in Riverside CA from a yard is to eliminate any food, water and shelter sources. Stop feeding pets outside and do not leave smaller pets outside alone. Secure trash with tight-fitting lids to prevent coyotes from rummaging through it. Pick up any fallen fruit from trees and secure gardens. Secure any potential areas for nesting, including under sheds and porches. 

Since coyotes eat rats and mice, reducing the rodent population is key to making the property less attractive to coyotes. If there is a coyote (or rodent) problem, contact a local trapping specialist. He or she will be able to help determine what is attracting the coyotes and come up with a plan to either stop them from coming on to a property or to trap and relocate the animal.

Though coyotes in Riverside CA tend to stay away from humans, they do pose a danger to people and pets. If there is a coyote lurking around a property, contact a specialist to determine the best method to deal with the animal. The coyote removal specialist can help not only remove the animal, but also offer tips on how to make the property less attractive for other coyotes