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Dead Animal Removal Podcast

Alright. Hello, Vic. How are you doing?

Vic:   I’m good to thank you.

Eric:   All right. So today I wanted to just ask a couple of questions on a dead animal removal. So let’s say someone, there’s two ways that’s cause the first one is, you know, near and dear to my heart, which is let’s say you have a, you have a pet. And, uh, they they’ve passed away.  Is this something that we would call you and you would handle it?

Vic:  Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So we definitely do provide that service and everyone’s different, you know, they can be taken to a shelter or rendering land .  Sometimes people will want us to take them to a pet cemetery or something like that to be cremated.  Those kinds of things, but we can transport the animals and provide that service for them.

Eric:  So you carry out their wishes?  Like if they want to go to cemetery?  Or do you, what do you do?

Vic:  They usually make those arrangements and that’s where they wished us to take it to.  A lot of times they’re not ready, I guess, emotionally to deal with that. So they’ll call us up and ask if we can just.  You know, a to B kind of thing.

Eric:  Gotcha. And how about if, you know, I find in my backyard.  I find a dead animal and we need your dead animal removal services.

Vic:   Yeah. That’s no problem. So we’re open to every day, and it happens every day. We get those calls, you know, sometimes it’s front yard or backyard sidewalk sometimes on the roof.  A lot of times under a house or in the attic.  A lot of times we’re cutting them out of walls and then, you know, disinfect those areas seal off the openings. And when it’s pretty much a full service.

Eric:  So it’s not just removing the animal afterwards. You’re sealing, offing you’re disinfecting and kind of doing damage control.

Vic:  Exactly, exactly. Cause if we don’t seal off that opening, you know, it could probably happen again or it will have it again, eventually. Some animals going to find that hole and work their way in there.

Eric:  And if I have a dead animal on my property, generally how long does it take to for it to start smelling?

Vic:  Usually it’s a few days.  It depends on what kind of animal, how big a stage of decomposition. There’s a few factors in there, but a lot of people that will call us, you know just to get a quote. And you say, you know what works.  We’re trying to stick it out and we’ll call you  and then they’ll call us a couple days later and say it’s 10 times worse, please come see, you know, that kinda thing.

Eric:  So I can’t imagine there’s a dead animal on my property and I don’t have any experience with dead animal removal. Like I don’t want to get germs or where do I put it.  You know, I don’t want to bury in my backyard. Who would I call? What would I do?  So I’m assuming it would be a good idea to call a company like a professional company to handle it from a to Z.

Vic:  Absolutely. Absolutely. Wherever it is. I mean, well do our best to find it some sometimes they’re not, I mean, it’s, it’s hard depending on the way the house is structured. Especially if it’s an addition.  A lot of times they didn’t build an access into that part of the house. So we have to cut into the ceiling or in the wall.  Or even cut into the floor. And then it’s up to the homeowner. You know, sometimes they want us to cut this to go ahead and sometimes like, nope, I’m not going to cut into the floor.  I’ll just have to deal with it. Yeah.  Either way they can be pretty easy and they can be pretty difficult to locate and remove properly.

Eric:  And if somebody wants to get a quote, how quickly can you get a quote and get somebody up there generally?

Vic:  Oh, same day. As long as it’s early enough, the call, then we’ll get someone there the same day.  They call a little later in the evening, you know.  It might be for the following day or something like that, but yeah, really quick.

Eric:  And what’s your website address?


Eric:  Okay. And anybody can go there, click on your email or call you directly and they’ll get somebody to answer their questions and get somebody up there as soon as possible?

Vic:  Absolutely. I’ll say every day.

Eric:  Yeah. Okay. Well thank you.

Vic:  Yeah, no problem.