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Dead Pet Removal Services

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Dead Pet Removal Services

The last thing a pet owner wants to deal with is what to do with their beloved pet should it die at home. It is hard enough to deal with the loss of a pet and it is even more difficult when it occurs at home. Pet owners want what is best for their pet and they want to ensure the body of the pet is handled with care. The best way to ensure a pet is handled with care is to hire a company specializing in dead pet removal services. The company will come out and properly handle and remove the animal’s body. 

Assess the Situation

It is important to ensure the pet has undoubtedly passed away. Try to feel for the pet’s heartbeat and if there is a possibility the pet is still alive, pet CPR can be performed. If there is doubt, take the pet to the veterinarian to determine if the pet is still alive or if it has passed. Veterinarians can also help talk pet owners through the steps.  What to do with the dead pet and can often put pet owners in contact with companies to help with the dead pet’s removal. 


Some pet owners prefer to bury their dead pet on their property. This can pose several issues. The first issue is zoning with local municipalities. It is imperative to ensure this practice is allowed. If it is allowed, it is also important to ensure the burial is deep enough preventing scavengers from digging it up. An alternative is to find a pet cemetery for the final resting place for the pet. For burials, many pet owners like to perform a small ceremony in honor of the pet. Some pet owners like to create a headstone or other type of grave marker. 

Do not wait too long to bury the pet. Pet’s body is quick to decompose and if not buried or stored properly can start to stink and fluids can start to leak out of the body. 


In addition to burial, some pet owners opt to have their pets cremated. This option is generally available through the family’s veterinarian or a local animal shelter may offer it. For help with cremation of a pet, contact a local company offering dead pet removal services. The company can help remove the pet and find a location to have the pet cremated. Cremation does cost some money, but it is sometimes worth it. Especially for pet owners wanting to have some type of memento created out of the pet’s ashes. 

Handling the Body

This is not an easy topic for many pet owners, but there is a need to handle the pet’s body onces it has died. The body must be stored properly before burial, especially if it cannot be done immediately. However, most veterinarians, pet cemeteries, and companies offering dead pet removal services offer 24 hour service. Until the pet can be buried, it must be kept cool and gloves should be worn when handling the pet. There are some dangers associated with handling a dead pet’s body as fluids are released after its death. 
It is best to wrap the pet in a blanket and call for help removing the animal immediately. Waiting too long can increase the chances of the decomposing body starting to smell. 

Dead Pet Removal Services

Pet owners not sure what to do with a dead pet at home should call for help with the removal of the pet’s body. There are many local companies available to help with the removal and disposal of the body. For most pet owners, this is an option because the pet is out of the home and they know it will be properly disposed of.

For dead pet removal, do not randomly call wildlife removal services for help. First of all, many wildlife specialists do not deal with dead pets and they will probably hang up. Secondly, pet owners want what is best for the pet, even after it has died. It is best to seek out companies that specialize in dead pet removal to ensure the pet’s body is properly handled. 

Some pet owners are overwhelmed with grief. They are unsure of what to do when their pet dies in the home. Contacting a local company that offers dead pet removal services is the best thing to do when needing help. This company can offer options and help determine what the next steps are. The specialists are trained to help the client through a tough time and do what is best for the pet’s body and the owner’s peace of mind.