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Bats are nocturnal animals and they like to make their homes in cool, dark spaces. So, chimneys and attics are the most common places for bats to live. However, they can also live in walls. They fly into any gaps they can find and will even roost in very tight areas. Bats make a lot of noise by flying around in the attic or chimney. They are very smelly and leave a lot of illness-causing waste products, called bat guano, lying around their roosts. Bat guano also contains bacteria and fungi that can make people very sick.

Orange County Bat Removal

More information on bats and bat removal:

  • Bats carry rabies. Rabies is an infectious disease that affects the nervous system. Certainly, it severely affects humans if bitten.
  • Keeping your home areas, such as chimneys, attics, and walls, secured and clean is the best way to prevent bat colonies from taking refuge in your home.
  • Repellent warning! Currently, there is no registered or effective bat repellent available. Also, there are some companies that market so-called “bat repellent” but it is ineffective.

Finding a bat or bat colony in your home can be a frightening experience. At All City Animal Trapping, we understand that fear and work quickly to remove the bats from your home. In most cases, we are able to solve your bat problem within the same day of your phone call. Our highly trained professionals start with eradicating the bat colony in a safe and humane way. We then seal off all entry points to ensure that the bats will not return. We specialize in shoring up the sought after spaces in your home that the bats love to ensure that your home will not be invaded by these flying night-creatures again.

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Bat Removal is not a simple task

Bat removal is not a simple task, however it’s been our experience that it is best to have a trained professional remove any bats from your home. All City Animal Trapping has been successfully trapping and removing bats in the Orange County area for over 20 years. Also, we locate all of the bats in your home and humanely remove them. Our company also cleans your home. We disinfect, deodorize and sanitize all of the spaces in your home probably, that were affected by the bats. This will ensure that your home is safe for you and your family. We also repair any structural damage that has occurred because of the bats.

All City Animal Trapping is your one stop shop for bat removal in the Orange County area. Most noteworthy, we provide bat exclusion services to prevent bats from entering your home. You will know that your home is safe from bats. We offer free estimates and promise that we can beat any competitor’s price. Call All City Animal Trapping at (877) 724-5314 today to get the best service for the best price! 100% satisfaction guaranteed above all.

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