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Bees have a place in the world, it’s just not in or close to our homes. Often times, bees come in and take over, uninvited. Large numbers of bees swarming in a tree in your garden or around your home can be unnerving, especially if they establish a hive within your house. However, bee swarms and nests can be safely managed if you follow careful procedures and get the proper help. Bee control around our homes, businesses and schools is a growing concern and we must be mindful of any excess of bees we see hanging around. A colony of bees are hazardous to people and can also cause structural damage. Bee hive removal should be done by an expert right away.

Orange County Bee Removal

Some interesting bee facts:

  • People often mistake honey bees, wasps, killer bees and yellow jackets. If you do not know what type of bee you are dealing with, call a professional right away.
  • An established bee hive will typically consist of 10,000 to 50,000 bees.
  • Bee removal should never be attempted alone.
  • Never disrupt a bee hive. They will go on the attack. Multiple bee stings can cause dangerous health reactions.


At All City Animal Trapping, we realize bee removal can be a dangerous task. Our professional technicians are very mindful and take all of the necessary precautions to ensure you and your loved ones are safe. We do our best to move the bee colony in a safe and humane way, ensuring we do not cause harm to the colony. We use a smoking system, commonly used by beekeepers, to calm the colony and remove the hive while their defense response is inactive. This is one of the major factors that separates us from our competitors. After we safely remove the bee hive, we thoroughly clean any structural areas where the bees were present. This is important to avoid future infestations of other pests. Also, the honey is highly attractive to other critters in the area.

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