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Coyotes are about three feet long and can range in size from 20 to 40 pounds. Typically, coyotes are grayish-brown. Breeding once a year, in late winter or early spring is very common. A litter of young can typically vary widely in number. They live up to ten years in the wild or twenty in captivity. In recent years, human development has forced coyotes to scavenge and find homes closer to our neighborhoods and homes, coming a bit too close for comfort at times. Fortunately, coyotes typically do not attack humans, but smaller pets can potentially be in danger.

Coyote Trapping Orange County

A few important facts about coyotes:

  • Coyotes can carry rabies. If you encounter a coyote with rabies, get somewhere safe and call a professional at once.
  • Coyotes are omnivores. They can and will eat just about anything. Small pets are always targeted. If you see a coyote around your neighborhood, keep your pets indoors.
  • Do not feed coyotes or let them feel welcome in your neighborhoods. Increased attacks on dogs have occurred when coyotes lose their fear of people.

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We have found that the best method for getting rid of coyotes is to trap and remove them. Our trained professionals at All City Animal Tapping does coyote removal with tried and true, safe and humane techniques. We have been in the animal trapping business in Orange County for over 20 years and we always get the job done right the first time. We take pride in doing our work in a fast and professional manner. Our trained professionals have many years of experience and know how to handle any coyote removal and control situation. It only takes one coyote to wreak a lot of havoc on your Orange County home! Secure your property with our coyote exclusion barriers and save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage. Let us take care of your coyote problem today.

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