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Trapper Vic Reporting Live From Burbank!

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I get a call about a squirrel who jumped in an open window and is now running amok in the living room. I tell the customer that I’m on the way and I’ll be there as soon as I can.

When I arrive the squirrel looks like he’s waging war against this family and their household. Squirrel on one side of the room and the family on the other. I try to explain to the family that the squirrel is probably scared and they should move on to the next room and let me do my job. They go off into the next room and I grab my net. It is improbable to snare a squirrel in an open area so that’s why I opted for the net. After about 20 minutes I’m getting tired of chasing this squirrel back and forth so I go to grab a broom to chase it out of the front door that I left open. When I return from grabbing the broom, it’s gone. I let the family back in the room and tell them I flushed it out.

They couldn’t see me from the other room and I felt that I did have something to do with the animal leaving. So unless they read this I’m still a hero… Every job is unique…

Until next time,

Trapper Vic