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Trapper Vic Reporting Live From Santa Monica

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I go out to a condo in Santa Monica where our customer has been dealing with a pesky opossum. The opossum is under the deck and very accessible. I went under there and couldn’t get to the spot where the animal was hiding. I try to setup traps and the customer tells me that they don’t work.

What you lookin' at WILLIS?!

He said he had a trap and has been unsuccessful in a couple of months at catching the animal. I try to explain why my method would work and he disagrees. I tell him that if I don’t catch the animal in 3 nights that I won’t charge him. He showed me his trap and it wasn’t as good as the traps that we use. He told me he baited the traps with hot dogs. I have a lot of confidence now because I know that my traps, bait and trap placement is better than what our customer is using.

So I set a couple of traps and left confident. I go about my normal day after this job and by the time I get into the San Pedro he calls me and tells me that the opossum was trapped. He couldn’t believe it. So I turned around and picked up the animal and the traps, scheduled the repair for the following day and he was all set.. There are many things that I do not know, but I know how to trap animals.

Until next time,

Trapper Vic