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Do you have a bat problem?

A bat problem is a serious problem. It’s not an easy task to remove them from your home. Once a bat moves into your home, they rarely relocate, unless they are removed properly. Typically bats love attics, but they are also found in chimneys, loose siding, and external rafters. Most people will panic when they find bats living in their home. In truth, bats are important to a healthy environment. They are extremely good at keeping down the bug population. A single bat can consume about 3,000 insects per night. More recently, bats have been roosting in buildings and homes, due to the loss of their natural habitat. All City Animal Trapping has over 20 years of experience in trapping and removing bats in the Riverside area.

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Bat facts you should know:

  • Bats can carry rabies. Rabies is an infectious disease that affects the nervous system and can severely affect humans if bitten.
  • Keeping your home areas, such as chimneys, attics, and walls, secured and clean is the best way to prevent bat colonies from taking refuge in your home.
  • Repellent warning! Currently, there is no registered or effective bat repellent available. While there are some companies that market so-called bat repellent, it is ineffective. Don’t waste your time and money on ineffective repellents.

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We are professional bat trappers

It is best to have a trained professional remove bats from your Riverside home. Bat traps and/or bat poison is an option, but we recommend having a professional come out and give an estimate to let you know what your best option is. The last thing you want is bats to be trapped or poisoned in a space that you cannot reach them. This could result in having dead bats stuck in your chimney, walls or attic. Here at All City Animal Trapping, we specialize in bat removal and bat control.

We employ safe and humane trapping techniques to remove the bats from your property. We then clean up any mess they leave behind, including disinfecting and sanitizing the areas they affected. Finally, we set up exclusion materials to ensure that bats will never be able to enter your home again. To take care of your bat problem once and for all in the Riverside area, call us today.

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