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We can help. We have many years of experience. Rat and mouse control is the solution to some of the most destructive, dirty, and dangerous pests to have in or around your home. These rodents are constantly chewing and gnawing on everything, including but no limited to wood, metal or plastic pipes, siding, air conditioning ductwork, wiring and even concrete. This destruction can lead to a serious fire hazard. A rat’s affinity for wiring and insulation will become problematic. These rodents typically breed up to 6 times per year, producing 5-10 babies each and every time. Once they take up residence in your home, they can quickly multiply, increasing the damage and danger to you and your property.

Rats have very poor eyesight, and they adapt to this shortcoming by urinating and defecating everywhere. They follow these trails of urine and droppings (also called pellets) to find their way around their environment, and in and out of your home or business. These droppings can create odor problems, as well as spread diseases, including salmonella, hantavirus, tularemia, and many others. Homes with a rat infestation will often require rat control and rat removal with extensive repair and cleanup (disinfecting) in order to make them safe to live in. Riverside has its share of rat problems and All City Animal Trapping is the company to hire when you have a rat problem.

Rat trapping and removal in Riverside CA

Information you need to know when dealing with a rat problem:

  • Watch your animals’ food. The garage is the first place where rats like to raid dog and cat food. Please keep all food in a secure space. If contaminated, please throw the whole bunch away, so your animals do not get sick.
  • Rats carry a lot of different diseases. And pose a serious health risk to you and your family.
  • Rats are a potential source of allergens. Their droppings, dander, and shedded hair can cause people to sneeze and experience allergic reactions.

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A full inspection is required in order to properly ensure we trap and remove all of the rats. At All City Animal Trapping, our highly trained professionals humanely and safely remove all of the rats from your home or business. We then clean, disinfect and sanitize any and all areas that were affected by the rats. We even repair any damage that the rats left behind. Finally, we fill in any holes and install exclusion materials to ensure that rats will never return to your Riverside home. Give us a call today to finally take care of your rat problem in the Riverside area.

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We provide rat trapping and removal service to all cities in Riverside county, including:

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