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Do You Have A Mole Problem?

All moles are subterranean animals, meaning they live underground, digging a network of tunnels and chambers. They create surface tunnels and dirt mounds under the chamber areas. Most moles are territorial, so there might only be one living in your yard. They primarily eat earthworms, and also other underground larvae and insects. These underground tunnels do a lot of damage to your lawn. Although it is rare, a mole will on occasion be found in a house, garage, shed or elsewhere.

When something like this happens, you can count it as a blessing because it will now be much easier to trap and remove the mole. Trapping moles can be a tricky process and it is best to consult a professional if you find a mole on your property. All City Animal Trapping is the number one mole removal company in San Bernardino.

Mole trapping and removal in San Bernardino

Things to consider when dealing with a mole problem:

  • Mole sprays, powders, and homemade concoctions do not work. Please do not waste your time and money.
  • The sooner you remove the moles from your yard, the better. Female moles reproduce three to five young each spring.
  • You know you have a mole in your yard when large piles of dirt appear all over your landscape.

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We Are Mole Trapping & Removal Experts

At All City Animal Trapping, we know that mole trapping is an art. It is not easy. In fact, it’s probably the most precise of all animal trapping techniques. This isn’t just setting a cage trap and putting some bait inside. Mole traps have to be set in just the right tunnels, and that takes the ability to look at the entire network and understand how a mole uses it. Our trained professionals know just how to examine the tunnel networks and find the right spots to place the traps.

Once we trap and remove the moles, we repair any damage that they have done and install exclusion material to ensure that they will not come back. At All City Animal Trapping, we have over 20 years of experience and will eradicate any and all moles from your San Bernardino home. So, take care of your mole problem today and give us a call!

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