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Rats are typically identified as being large rodents, at 7 inches long, and with a tail usually longer than the head and body combined, at 7 ½ inches. Roof rats are either brown or black, with a gray or light colored belly. These rats have long and course fur with large, naked ears. Rats are considered to be the most serious pest mammal, causing significant damage to stored grain, spreading diseases and damaging structures. Rats will dwell underground or in roofs or attics.

Roof rats specifically can cause a lot of damage upon entry and ongoing damage to structures if they are not removed. Most roof rats invade homes because they are searching for food. Rats feeding in garbage cans, dumpsters or gardens are also common complaints within suburban areas. These pesky rodents can and will cause a lot of damage to your home, building their nests and scavenging for food. If you notice a rat hanging in or around your San Bernardino home, please give us a call at All City Animal Trapping. Rats can quickly cause damage and postponing the call will only lead to further destruction.

Rat trapping and removal in San Bernardino CA

Interesting facts about rats:

  • Female adult rats go into heat every 4-5 days.
  • Rats are superior climbers and can climb any slightly roughed surface up or down.
  • Rats can gnaw through lead pipes.
  • The length of an adult rat’s life is 18 months.
  • Rats and their droppings can carry harmful diseases. It is important for the health of you and your family to take care of your rat problem as quickly as possible.

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We know how troublesome rats can be. Our professionals at All City Animal Trapping are very good at removing rats permanently. We do the very best work in San Bernardino and we take all of the proper steps to ensure that rats do not return. We first assess where on your property is the best place to set traps. Once we have trapped the rats, we remove them. We then clean, disinfect and sanitize any and all areas that were affected by the rats. This keeps you and you family safe.

Finally, we find the entry points that the rats used and seal them up properly. This ensures that rats will not get back into your home or office. We have over 20 years of experience in rat removal in the San Bernardino area. Give All City Animal Trapping a call today and take care of your rat problem once and for all.
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