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From a distance, skunks are cute, furry little animals. Up close, the have defense mechanisms can be harmful to you, your family and your pets. If you have seen a skunk living on you property or if you suspect that a skunk has set up a home there, you should call a professional in skunk removal Beverly Hills. Some homeowners will try to make removing a skunk from their property a DIY project. This is a mistake. If an inexperienced individual attempts to remove the skunk on their own, they can get sprayed. They can also be injured or could injure the skunk.

Some people hope that the skunk will eventually leave on its own. Sadly, this doesn’t happen very often. If a skunk finds a safe, dry and quiet place to live, it likely won’t move on. If there is a food and water source nearby, the skunk will be even more likely to stay. There are several reasons to hire a professional in skunk removal Beverly Hills to handle the problem for you.

#1 Protect Your Family and Pets

If you have pets that go outdoors, there is a good chance that they will encounter the skunk. If this happens, the skunk will spray, even if your pet isn’t threatening it. When a pet is sprayed by a skunk, it can be very difficult to remove the smell.

If you or a member of your family accidentally encounters the skunk, it will automatically spray as a defense mechanism. If the spray gets in your eyes or your pet’s eyes, it can cause redness, burning, discharge and even temporary blindness.

The best way to protect your family and your pets is to hire a professional in skunk removal Beverly Hills. When the skunk is gone, the risk is gone.

#2 Get Rid of the Smell

Skunks don’t only spray when they feel threatened. Female skunks will spray several times a day trying to find a mate. This can make your property smell for hours. If the female is pregnant or has just given birth, she will spray several times a day to keep predators away from her and her young. When a skunk is spraying near your home several times a day, you will have very little time when your property doesn’t smell horrible.

#3 Protect Your Property

Skunks aren’t just a danger to humans, they can also be harmful to your home. When a skunk is looking for a place to make it’s home, it will tear out vent screens and try to eat through the wood siding on your home to gain access. Many skunks will burrow underneath the foundation of the house, which can cause serious damage. Also, this type of damage can be costly to fix. When you hire an expert in skunk removal Beverly Hills, they will remove the skunk before it can cause any more damage to your property.

#4 A Humane Way to Handle the Problem

Just because a skunk is wreaking havoc on your home, it doesn’t deserve to be injured or worse. When you hire a professional in skunk removal Beverly Hills, you can be sure that the skunk will be removed without being injured. Experts are trained to safely capture skunks so that they can be brought elsewhere. The expert will find a safe and comfortable place for the skunk to live that is far away from your home. When you hire a pro, you will have peace of mind that the skunk will be uninjured during the move and happy when it is relocated.

#5 Knowledge and Experience

There is more to capturing a skunk than setting a trap. It takes knowledge, experience and skill to safely capture a skunk and then rehome it. A professional in skunk removal Beverly Hills has the knowledge and experience necessary to get the job done. They will know what type of trap to use and the best bait to lure the skunk to the trap. If you aren’t sure where the skunk is living, the expert will be able to investigate to find clues that will lead them to the skunk’s home. The best way to make your property skunk-free is to leave the job to a pro.

#6 Prevention

First, make sure the skunk has been removed from your property.  Then make sure that another one won’t come and make their home there. When you hire a professional in skunk removal Beverly Hills, they will advise you on how to keep more skunks from coming back. If the skunk damaged the foundation of the house or the siding and vents, these things would need to be repaired. The expert will also search for sources of food and water.  Whatever is found needs to be removed from the property. If don’t make the necessary changes to your property, you will end up needing to call a professional again when the next skunk chooses your property for its home.

Final Thoughts

Sure, skunks are cute, furry creatures, but they can also be a nuisance. Skunks can damage your home and cause harm to your family and your pets. If you suspect that you have a skunk living on your property, you should not make its removal a DIY project. Not only could you end up getting sprayed, but you can also get injured or injure the skunk in the process. Our technicians can help. We will make sure that the skunk is removed from your property unharmed, and taken to a place far away. To ensure that the skunk will be removed safely and quickly, give us a call today.