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Skunks are the most common source of wildlife-related problems experienced by many local homeowners. Skunks are mostly peaceful, non-aggressive animals. However, they are known to spray a foul scented oil when feeling threatened. Skunks can make themselves at home by burrowing under buildings or porches. Call for help from a skunk removal Palos Verdes specialist when a skunk becomes a problem or has moved onto a property. 

Skunk Signs

Skunks are very identifiable by their black and white striping. Regularly spotting a skunk is the number one sign there is one on the property. Other signs there is a skunk on the property include holes dug in the yard, trash dumped out, plants knocked over, and the consistent smell of a skunk. Call for help from a skunk removal Palos Verdes expert who can determine if the skunk has settled in a den, remove it, and humanely relocate the animal. 

Problems with Skunks

Though skunks are very peaceful animals and pose no physical threat to humans, they can cause a lot of damage to properties. Skunks like eggs and will dig up turtle nests and invade chicken coops to access the eggs. Being opportunistic eaters, skunks will also rummage through trash in search of food scraps. 


Skunks are one of the leading animals known to carry rabies. Rabies can be transmitted to humans and domesticated animals via a skunk’s bite. Because skunks can be active during the day, it is difficult to determine if a skunk has rabies just by seeing it in the daytime. Signs a skunk has rabies may include it having unprovoked aggression, impaired movement, lack of coordination, being disoriented, and being unusually friendly. 

It is also possible for skunks to carry distemper, which is not transferable to humans, but can affect family pets. Skunks can also carry other diseases, such as leptospirosis, and parasites, such as fleas, ticks, and lice. Because of the risk associated with various diseases carried by skunks and the parasites found on skunks, it is best to stay away and call for help when dealing with an unwanted animal on the property. 

Poisoning Skunks

The use of poison for skunk control is illegal in many states and it is a very inhumane method to remove a skunk from a property. Poison also poses many risks to humans, domesticated animals, and other local wildlife. When a skunk is in a yard, do not use poison, but instead call for help from a skunk removal Palos Verdes expert to trap and relocate the animal. 

Removing Skunk from a Home

Skunks generally prefer quiet, dark places to build a nest.  However, sometimes when a door is left open a skunk can make its way inside a home. If a skunk gets inside a home, in a basement or in a garage, leave the door open giving the animal the opportunity to leave on its own. Once gone, make sure to keep all doors and screens closed at all times to eliminate the chance of it happening again. 

If a skunk gets trapped in a window well, create an opportunity to help it climb out on its own. Skunks are not the best climbers and will need some assistance with this. Use a flat piece of wood placed in the well at a low angle. If possible, use a piece of wood with a rough surface or place cleats on it to give the skunk more traction. Hopefully the animal is able to crawl out on its own. If the skunk cannot climb out of the window well or does not leave the house on its own, call a company for help with the skunk removal Palos Verdes. 

Excluding Skunks from a Property

The best way to stop a skunk from coming onto a property to burrow a den is to make it less appealing. Using a lawn treatment to reduce the bugs and grubs in the yard will help prevent skunks from digging holes. Bright lights and loud noises can make the property inhospitable for skunks, causing them to relocate to another location. Installing a fence that goes at least two feet into the ground will prevent skunks from getting onto the property. Sealing off garbage with tight fitting lids will eliminate any temptation for skunks to rummage for food scraps. 

Closing off any holes or crevices between the foundation and the ground will prevent skunks from burrowing to build its den. However, it is important to verify there is no skunk already in the hole.  If there is, it would be trapped and end up dying. To see if a skunk is living in a hole, sprinkle kitchen flour on the ground near it. Check daily for footprints. If there are no footprints, place a mesh grate over the hole sealing it off. If there is, call for help removing the animal. It is also imperative to be careful sealing off holes between the months of May and mid-August. This is because there may be young skunks in the den and sealing it off could be deadly for the skunks. 

Skunk Spray

Skunks are very mild-mannered and rarely shoot their spray. However, when scared, this nearsighted animal will spray as a defensive mechanism. The fact that skunks have the capability to spray is one of the many reasons so many people are afraid of these animals. Skunks do not just spray right away. They do give some warnings to ward off any potential attacks. Skunks will stomp the front feet and hiss prior to turning their bodies and raising their tail to spray. Some skunks have been known to contort their bodies into a handstand stance prior to spraying. If a skunk is demonstrating any of these warning signs, it is best to move away slowly.

Remember, dogs do not pay attention to these warning signs. So it is always best to keep the dog restrained or in the home until the skunk leaves the property. If sprayed, contact a local skunk removal company for help or tips on removing the foul odor. Seek medical attention, if illness and temporary blindness from being sprayed does not go away. 

When dealing with a skunk problem, it is best to let the experts handle it. Call a local skunk removal Palos Verdes for help removing the skunk. The company may also help with exclusion methods and damage repair.