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Skunks may be cute and pose very little physical threat to humans. However, these nearsighted creatures have a defense mechanism which can put homeowners in a very stinky situation. Skunks not only have a foul-smelling spray they can shoot when threatened, but they also cause property damage. Hiring a skunk removal Pasadena company will ensure the animal is humanely relocated without the headache and worry of the homeowner getting sprayed, bitten or scratched.  

Identifying a Skunk Presence

Of course, seeing a black and white striped skunk walking on a property is the obvious way of knowing there is a skunk on the property. That and the smell associated with skunks. Other indicators skunks are present include turned over trash cans, knocked over plants, and three to four inch cone shaped holes scattered throughout the yard. When looking for skunks on a property, keep an eye out for gaps between concrete slabs and the ground. This is a skunk’s favorite place to burrow a den. 

Problems with Skunks

There are many different problems associated with having skunks in a yard. Not only is there the fear of being sprayed, skunks can tear up yards and gardens looking for food. Being opportunistic eaters, there are a variety of food options for skunks in a single yard, including trash, grubs, mice, and garden vegetables. Skunks will dig and rummage through properties in search of food causing damage to a yard. 

In addition, skunks burrow underneath concrete slabs and structures, often leaving buildings unstable. Moving the dirt under a structure to burrow a den can cause foundations to crack and the home to become unleveled. 

Though skunks tend to shy away from humans, there is a risk of transferring diseases, such as rabies, to humans and other animals. Skunks also carry distemper and parasites, such as tapeworm, lice, and fleas. 

Preventative Measures

The best defense against having skunks move onto a property is to take preventative measures before it is a problem. Install motion sensors to turn on lights, alarms, and sprinklers. Skunks do not like loud noises or bright lights, and the water will deter them from returning to the yard. Consider installing a fence around the perimeter of the property, but to prevent digging, the fence needs to go one to two feet into the ground. Regularly walk the fenceline of a property to identify any possible entry points that can be sealed off. 

Eliminate food sources, such as low hanging fruit and bird seed on the ground. Keep pet food inside or remove it immediately when pets are done eating. Secure trash cans and install fences around the garden. Treat lawns, removing grubs and insects. In addition, cover window wells, secure sheds, and keep doors to buildings closed at all times. 

If all else fails, call in a professional skunk removal Pasadena company to help. The professionals will use humane, live traps to catch and relocate the animal to a more hospitable environment. 

Skunk Repellents

There are many different skunk repellents available that can be used near a skunks den. The best method is to place used kitty litter near the den’s entrance. However, if this does not work, other options are available.. Though there are other repellents available, it is important to be careful when selecting one to use. This is because some repellents are not safe to use and others are created under inhumane conditions. In addition, there are many repellants on the market today that just do not work. Skip the repellents and call for help dealing with the removal of a skunk from a property. 

DIY or Hire Help

Dealing with nuisance animals can be a pain, especially when skunks are known to spray up to 15 feet away. Luckily there are plenty of skunk removal Pasadena companies available, ready, and willing to help. Traps are available for purchase, however, skunks are clever creatures and may not fall for it. Plus, once the animal is in the trap, it is imperative to know what to do with it. Professionals are trained and experienced with trapping and relocating skunks. 

DIY skunk removal Pasadena can be very time consuming. Plus the risks involved with trapping a skunk, including the possibilities of being sprayed, scratched or bitten, are often not worth the hassle. It is best to hire a professional to get the job done efficiently and effectively.  

Also keep in mind, some states have laws and regulations regarding the removal and relocation of wildlife, including skunks. Hiring a professional will ensure the job is done legally, following all local, state and federal guidelines. It also ensures the job is done humanely and no one gets hurt or sprayed. 

Selecting a Company

It is important to find the best company to help remove a skunk from a property. Here is a quick checklist of questions to ask making it possible to hire the best possible company for the job. Do not be afraid to ask for more information about any of the below items, as they are helpful in selecting a reputable company. 

-Verify Licenses. Most states require licenses demonstrating the company has proper training and experience dealing with skunks. 

-Get Proof of Insurance. All companies need to have insurance covering all areas of their business. 

-Ask for references. Ask if the company has a list of past clients who can be called to discuss their service experience. 

-Get an Inspection or Consultation. Inquire to see if an initial consultation or inspection is free of charge. 

-Ask About Treatment Options. Get a detailed contract with all items included in the treatment, along with individual costs of each line item. 

-Ask About Follow Ups and Guarantees. Inquire if the company offers a follow up service and get details about what is guaranteed.

Having a skunk problem can be very frustrating and cause headaches for many homeowners. However, dealing with a skunk does not have to be so painful. Call a skunk removal Pasadena company today for a few quotes before making a decision. Call around, get quotes and hire the best company for the job. The sooner the company is hired, the sooner the technician can come out and make the property skunk free.