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Dealing with skunks can be a very smelly situation that is best left for the professionals to deal with. Skunks do not only spray when feeling threatened, but they can also bite and scratch. Though skunks are not aggressive, they are more dangerous than they look. Because dealing with skunks can be dangerous, it is always best to call for help from a skunk removal Redondo Beach company.

About Skunks

Skunks are slow moving animals from the weasel family found across the entire United States. This creature is commonly identified by its jet-black fur and having one or more white stripes running down the back. There are many different types of skunks, all of which have distinguishing features in the face and body style. A specialist with a skunk removal Redondo Beach company can help identify which type of skunk a homeowner is dealing with.

Skunks are not aggressive creatures, avoiding humans and other animals if at all possible. These animals are very nocturnal, but have been known to come out during the day in search of food. The foul smell skunks emit are designed to fight against predators and skunks can quickly spray its scent up to 15 feet away as its defense. The spray is very oily, making it difficult to remove.

Most skunks grow to be about the size of a small house cat. Skunks like to live in burrows, including those abandoned by other animals. They have also been known to live in hollow trees and logs. These clever creatures are opportunistic eaters, eating everything from eggs to snakes and plants to small mammals. They will even eat human trash if food scraps are available. These nuisance animals are very smart and alert, which is what makes them very difficult to trap.


Skunks like to build nests underneath home slabs, porches and other areas that offer shelter from the elements and predators. To determine if a skunk is living in a hole near a home’s foundation, sprinkle some sand or kitchen flour on the ground near the opening. Check back the next few days to see if there are tracks. If there are, do not seal the den off. Hire a skunk removal Redondo Beach specialist to come out and remove the animal before sealing it off.

Habitat Modification

The best way to control the skunk population near a home is to change the environment making it less appealing for the animal. Reduce access to food, water, and shelter. Pick up fallen fruit, spilled bird seed, and pet food. Seal garbage cans with tight fitting lids and clean up any debris and brush in the yard. Treat the lawn to reduce the amount of grubs and insects, which will deter skunks from digging in the yard. Eliminate shelter options by cutting back overgrown bushes, stacking firewood off the ground, and sealing off gaps under foundation and porches.

DIY Skunk Removal

If a skunk enters the home or a garage, leave all doors open. Hopefully the animal will leave on its own. If a skunk has fallen into a window well, create a structure the animal can use to walk out of the well on its own. If the skunk does not leave the home or climb out of the window well on its own, call for help removing the animal. It is best to get help, versus doing it on your own and risking getting sprayed, bit or scratched.


DIY skunk removal can be very dangerous. Skunks have been known to spray, bite, and scratch. The smell takes forever to get rid of and the wounds can become infected and/or offer the opportunity for diseases carried by skunks to transfer to humans. Skunks are the primary source of rabies and carry diseases and parasites, such as distemper, mange, fleas, ticks, lice, roundworms, and tapeworms. If at all possible avoid contact with a skunk and keep kids and pets away as well. Leave the removal process up to the experts.


Skunks can destroy properties when building their dens and searching for food. Lawns and gardens are dug up to gain access to grubs and insects. Trash cans are knocked over and trash tossed all over the yard in search of food scraps. This is not only messy, but if not picked up immediately can attract other unwanted animals. If a den is built under the foundation of a home, it can cause it to become unstable. Dens built under patios or gaps under concrete, can cause concrete to crumble and break apart. If a skunk has built its den near a home, call a specialist to help with the skunk removal Redondo Beach.

Professional Help

Dealing with skunks can be a big hassle and dangerous for those who do not know what to do. Skunk removal is a task best left for the professionals. Professionals are trained and experienced in removing animals, allowing homeowners to have peace of mind knowing their home, family, and pets are safe from the dangers associated with skunks. Plus, local and state laws may regulate how to trap and relocate wildlife, meaning it might be illegal to do so without proper licenses, permits and certifications. Do not waste the time and money trying to remove the skunk. Call for help to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Hiring a skunk removal Redondo Beach specialist should include the entire process of removing and relocating the animals. Skunk removal services may also include getting help ridding a person, pet or property of the skunk odor and setting up prevention methods discouraging skunks from entering a property. When calling for a quote, ask about the process used and if it is humane. Do not forget to check licenses, certifications, and insurance information before signing a contract with a professional removal company.

Do not let skunks take over a yard or home. Take proactive measures to keep these animals away and if all else fails hire someone to come and help relocate the animals. Those dealing with skunk problems need to call a skunk removal Redondo Beach specialist for help.