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Of all the critters that can make a home on your property, skunks can be the biggest nuisance. Unlike squirrels and chipmunks, squirrels can make your property smell horribly. Squirrels also pose a great threat to your home, family and your pets. Some homeowners will attempt to make skunk removal Sherman Oaks a DIY project. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always go well. If the homeowner doesn’t get sprayed or isn’t injured by the skunk, they could end up hurting the skunk. There are plenty of reasons why it is best to leave skunk removal to a professional.

Knowledge and Experience: It takes a great deal of knowledge and experience to safely remove a skunk from the property. A professional in skunk removal Sherman Oaks will have both. A professional will know how to find the skunk’s home, and also how to capture it safely.

Tools and Equipment: You cannot expect to capture a skunk with your bare hands and take it away on foot. The best way to capture a skunk safely and find it a new place to live is with the necessary tools and equipment. A professional in skunk removal Sherman Oaks will have humane traps, sacks and other equipment to capture the skunk without being sprayed or injured.

Why Should You Have the Skunk Removed From Your Property?

Many homeowners will allow a skunk to live on their property believing that eventually, it will move on. If the skunk has found a safe, dry and quite place to live, it will have no reason to live. The same is true if the skunk has regular access to food and water. If you have a skunk on your property, you cannot think, live and let live. There are several reasons why it is essential that you contact a professional in skunk removal Sherman Oaks to have the problem taken care of.

Protect Your Family and Pets: Skunks may look cute and adorable, but they can be dangerous. If you pet approaches a skunk, even if it isn’t being threatening, the skunk will spray. This is a skunk’s defense mechanism if it feels threatened. If your pet is sprayed, it can be very difficult to remove the smell. If a family member is walking through the yard and accidentally approaches a skunk, it will spray. Not only will the spray smell bad, but if it gets into your eyes, it will burn.

Frequent Spraying: Skunks don’t only spray when they feel threatened. If a female skunk has made her home on your property, she will spray often to attract a mate. When she sprays several times a day, it can leave your property smelling horribly for hours at a time. If the skunk on your property is pregnant or if she just gave birth, she will spray frequently to keep predators away from her and her young. The only way to keep your property from smelling like skunk for most of the day is to hire a professional who specializes in skunk removal Sherman Oaks.

Protect Your Property

Damage to Your Home: Skunks won’t just make your property smell bad, they can also cause damage to your home. When a skunk is looking for a place to live, it will chew on vent screens and the siding of the house trying to gain access. If the skunk cannot get access to the home this way, it will dig underneath the foundation of the home. This can cause serious damage that will be very costly to fix. The best way to protect your property is to hire an expert who specializes in skunk removal Sherman Oaks. The sooner the skunk is removed, the less damage you will have to deal with later.

Humane Removal: Although skunks be a hassle when they make a home in your yard, it is not right to kill them. When you hire a professional in skunk removal Sherman Oaks, you will have someone to remove the skunk without hurting it. Experts are trained to humanely capture skunks without being injured themselves. Once the skunk has been captured, the expert will take it off your property.  Then they will bring it somewhere safe and far from your home.

Expert Advice: After the skunk is removed, you are going to want to protect your property to prevent another skunk from making your property it’s home. After the expert removes the skunk, they will take a look around to find any changes that need to be made. If the skunk caused damage to the home to gain entry, it will need to be repaired. Also, they will look for food and water sources that would need to be removed. The only way to prevent another skunk from making your property its home is to make it a place where a skunk wouldn’t want to live.

Final Thoughts

Skunk removal isn’t an easy job, and should not be a DIY project. It would take the knowledge and experience of a professional to find the skunk and trap it in a humane manner. When you call us to have a skunk removed, one of our techs will do a complete inspection of your home. This will allow them to find the skunk and also to find issues that need to be changed to prevent more skunks setting up their home on your property. Because skunks spray and can be dangerous, this is a job that should only be handled by a professional.

If you have seen a skunk living on your property, or if you suspect that there is a skunk living there, give us a call today.