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Skunks can be very adorable to look at, however these intelligent creatures quickly become less cute when they spray. Skunks are capable of emitting a powerful odor, making many people worried that themselves, their kids, or the family pets could be sprayed by a skunk. There are also other health concerns associated with skunks living in a residential area. Because of this, it is important to call for help from a skunk removal Studio City specialist. 

Skunk Diet

Skunks can eat just about anything and based upon food availability, their diet changes as seasons change. Skunks are known to eat both plants and animal material, including insects, small rodents, grubs, eggs, and rats. They also eat human garbage, tomatoes, and garden vegetables. Skunks can be very beneficial for gardeners, as they eat garden pests, such as moles and cutworms. However, the damage skunks cause can be far worse than the benefits of keeping a garden pest free. 


Skunks like to build their dens in areas where they are safe from the elements and are difficult for predators to access. This animal likes to burrow under structures, such as concrete porches, buildings, sheds, driveways, and sidewalks. Skunks gain access to these areas through openings between the ground and the foundation. Being excellent diggers, skunks can turn small gaps under the foundation into ones big enough for them to easily get in and out of. 

Problems with Skunks

Generally, skunks are not aggressive creatures. However, skunks are feared by many because when threatened, the animal is known to spray a stinky, stingy blend of sulphurous oils. These oils are hard to remove and can cause vomiting, headaches, and partial blindness. For food, skunks have been known to kill poultry and eat eggs, as well as dig up a yard looking for grubs to eat. Other problems with skunks include the burrowing under structures, chewing on siding and wood, and damaging gardens and lawns. If signs of a skunk are spotted, call for help with skunk removal Studio City before it is too late. 

Skunks are the leading carrier of rabies, which can be transferred to humans and domesticated animals. Because of this and the possibility of being sprayed, it is always best to stay clear of skunks and call for help. If a skunk is in the area, keep pets and children inside to avoid contact with the animal. 

DIY or Hire Help

Taking care of a skunk problem not only takes a lot of time, but can be tricky as skunks are very smart animals. Those who are not familiar or experienced with handling a skunk may find it difficult to trap the animal or have an issue with the relocation process once the animal is trapped. Skunks are known to bite, scratch, and spray, which makes it very dangerous to capture without proper experience and knowledge. These reasons are just some of the many reasons it is best to hire a skunk removal Studio City expert to help. 

Hiring Help

Selecting the best company for skunk removal Studio City requires a bit of time and some research. Before calling companies to help, ask friends and family for their recommendations. It is a good idea to check online for reviews and with the Better Business Bureau for ratings. Upon calling a company, ask for information about licenses, insurance, permits, and references. Inquire about the type of removal process used and if it is humane. 

When getting quotes from a skunk removal company, ask if the initial inspection is free or if it is included with the service. Also inquire about any repair and exclusion services. Find out if these services are additional or if they are included in the contract. Finally, ask if the company offers a satisfaction guarantee and what it covers. 


The cost to remove a skunk from a property is not as expensive as some other major pest problems. However, the final cost does depend greatly upon the difficulty involved with removing the animal. The service contract should include service visits to trap the animal and the costs of relocating it. Additional costs may be added, but these would be for exclusion method installation and damage repair. Both of which are based on the size of the project and the amount of damage. Ask for a quote during the initial inspection of the home and ensure it includes everything that needs to be completed. 


There are several things homeowners can do to make their yards less appealing for skunks. For example, install motion sensored lights throughout the yard. Skunks prefer dark locations and keeping the yard well lit will deter them. In addition to motion sensored lights, install motion sensored sprinklers. The sprinklers will aggravate the animal, making it less likely it will return. 

If burrows are spotted near buildings, work on a plan to seal off access to the holes. However, it is important to verify the animal is not in the den before sealing it off. A skunk removal expert can help determine if the den is empty and if not, help remove the animal before sealing it off. Mesh screening can be used to close off any gaps between the foundation and earth to prevent digging and burrowing by skunks. 

Skunks enter properties in search of food and by reducing access to food it reduces the attraction skunks may have to a particular property. Do not leave pet food and water out unattended. Pick up vegetables and fruits that have fallen on the ground and seal up garbage cans. 

Skunks are not very skilled climbers, but they are excellent diggers. Installing a fence around the perimeter of the property will deter skunks. However, the fence must also be installed one to two feet below the ground to deter digging underneath for access to a yard. 

Need help dealing with a skunk problem? Hire a professional skunk removal Studio City specialist today. These professionals have all the necessary experience, licenses, permits, and equipment to get the job done.