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Skunks are found in every state, making it one of the most common nuisance animals in the country. Easily identified by its dark black color and white stripes, the skunk generally prefers to stay away from humans. However, when in search of food, skunks will enter a property, dig up yards, and make itself home when an abundance of food is available. In addition to limiting a skunk’s access to food, water, and shelter, homeowners can call a professional skunk removal Torrance company for help dealing with the unwanted animal.

Skunk Problems

In general, skunks are not aggressive creatures and pose no physical threat to humans. Regardless of the lack of aggression, skunks are feared by many. Though they may not be threatening to humans, skunks can be very destructive. Skunks destroy yards digging for food and burrow under buildings for their dens. The burrowing can cause foundation issues compromising the integrity of the home’s structure. There are also some health risks and dangers associated with skunks.

Skunk Dangers

Skunks have a distinctive smell and many can immediately smell one in the area. The smell and spray skunks emit are the animals defense mechanism. When threatened, the skunk will stomp its front feet prior to turning its rear end toward a target and spraying it. Skunks can spray up to 15 feet away. The spray is very oily and difficult to remove the oils and foul odor. Skunk spray can cause temporary blindness, headaches, and vomiting. If symptoms associated with being sprayed by a skunk do not subside, seek medical guidance on what to do. Though it cannot help medically with being sprayed, a skunk removal Torrance company may offer guidance on how to remove the skunk smell from skin or an animal’s fur.

In addition to spraying, skunks can leave nasty bites and scratch wounds on both humans and animals. These wounds can easily become infected and transfer diseases. Being the primary source of rabies, it is best for humans and domesticated animals to avoid any type of contact with skunks. In addition to rabies, skunks carry other diseases, such as leptospirosis, canine distemper, canine hepatitis, tularemia, and mange. Plus these animals have been known to carry parasites such as fleas, tickets, roundworms, tapeworms, and lice, all of which carry their own diseases and dangers.

Deterring Skunks

The mild harassment of skunks can be a very effective method to keep them away. This includes keeping the property very active with loud noises, bright lights, and water sprinklers. Skunks do not like a lot of activity or light and these methods will often help deter skunks away from a property.

Getting Rid of Skunks

The best method to get rid of a skunk is habitat modification. Take the time to eliminate food, water, and shelter options for the animal. Immediately pick up fallen fruit and spilled bird seed. Cover garbage cans with tight fitting lids and food scraps should not be placed in compost bins. Pet food should be brought inside and never left unattended.

Maintaining the lawn reduces the amount of grubs and other insects, which is a primary food source for skunks. This reduces the chances of skunks from digging in the yard.  Eliminate potential den sites, such as overgrown shrubbery, wood and rock piles, leaf piles, and other debris lying on the ground. If habitat modification does not work, hire a skunk removal Torrance company to help.

Removing Skunks from Inside a Home

Most often skunks prefer to burrow under homes and structures versus wandering into a home. Should a skunk make its way inside the home, garage or shed, move around quietly to avoid the possibility of being sprayed. Put all domesticated animals outside or in a room away from the skunk. Leave doors open and hope the skunk leaves on its own.

Window wells are a common place for skunks to fall in and get stuck. To prevent this from happening, cover window wells with mesh grates or other cover. If a skunk falls into a window well, use wood planks to help get the skunk to come out on its own. These creatures are not best climbers, but adding some cleats on the wood can help aid the skunk in coming out. If all else fails, call for help from a skunk removal Torrance company.

Sealing off Skunk Dens

Skunks are mostly nocturnal animals, however, even healthy skunks have been spotted during the day time. Because skunks are mostly nocturnal, it is sometimes difficult to see if there is a skunk living on a property. To determine if a skunk has made itself at home on property, sprinkle kitchen flour on the ground near the holes found near the foundation or other structures. Check back for a few days to see if there are footprints, and if so, call for help removing the animal. Calling for help is imperative to ensure the animal does not get sealed inside the den, especially during the months of April through mid-August. During this time there is a great possibility the den has young skunks in it. If no signs of skunk footprints are present after a few days, seal off the hole with a mesh wire grate.

Tips for Hiring a Company

There are many things to look for when hiring a skunk removal Torrance company. Ask friends and families for their recommendations in order to find a reliable and responsible company with great customer service. During the consultation call, ask the specialist if he or she has the experience and capabilities required to humanely handle skunk problems. Inquire if the company has access to additional resources to help with damage repair and habitat modification post removal of the animal. Ask to see proof of insurance, certifications, and operating licenses. Do not forget to ask about detailed pricing for each service item and ensure everything is listed in the contract.

Dealing with skunks can be very time consuming and often become more work than expected. It is always best to hire a skunk removal company Torrance to help. Service technicians can help identify if there is a problem.  They will trap and remove the animals, help repair damages, and install exclusion measures.