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How to Get Rid of Bats in Your Los Angeles Home

Bats are beneficial to both humans and other animals. Once a bat decides to nest in a building, that is when the trouble begins. At that point, a slew of potential health problems and property damage can occur that may take years to repair. However, if bats may be removed humanely, they may be a significant cause of these difficulties. All City Animal Trapping is a bat removal company in California and has an expert staff that offer services in animal trapping and animal removal for over 30 years.

Bats at Your Home: What to Do

Understanding the behavior of bats is crucial in preventing them from colonizing your home. Bats live in colonies, and select places where that are completely safe from predators. Bat droppings are often found on the floor of your home and can be a major nuisance. Bats will occasionally leave their homes to forage for food or drink, which is just as dangerous. There are several species of bats, each with distinct characteristics and behaviors that make them adaptable hunters. These tiny creatures can fit into tiny spaces.

Take Note Of

At dusk, observe from the exterior of your home and note where the bats fly out. Chimneys, attics, and between the eaves and walls of buildings are all common sites. When everyone has gone, drape bird netting or plastic sheeting over the exit doors to prevent bats from coming back in. Continue to check your property at sunset; if there is no movement, you may permanently seal these entrances. Bat houses may be used to keep bats away from your property or building, particularly if you already have a bat house and closed off entry and exit points around your structure.

What You Should Know About Bats in Los Angeles

Bats are mammals that have fur, generate their own body heat, and feed their young with milk. They are biologically similar to other mammals, except they have a flexible membrane connecting their leg bones, tail, and elongated fingers and forearms.

Bats can live for 30 years or more, and they typically produce one baby per year. Mosquitoes are attracted to the light, making them vulnerable to predators. Their nocturnal habits and reliance on echolocation for food make them susceptible to attack by cats, hawks, owls, and other night hunters. Humans are the primary beneficiaries of this, as it aids to keep insect populations in check. Bats may appear to be a species that poses little danger to people on the surface. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Damages Caused by Bats

Bats can wreak havoc on your home’s electrical, ventilation, and other systems. Bats’ colonies also produce a lot of urine and feces. Bat guano (bat droppings) is a soil that contains germs and Histoplasma, a fungus that causes lung illness (histoplasmosis). Humans and pets that come into contact with bat feces tainted with the mycoplasma can acquire it. Finally, bats, like other animals, are carriers of illnesses such as rabies. It’s difficult to determine if a bat has rabies; the only way to know for sure is through a lab test. A vaccine is used to treat a person who has been bitten or even come into touch with the saliva of a rabies-infected bat.


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