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Los Angeles Bat Removal

We provide bat trapping and removal in all cities in Los Angeles

Bat removal in the Los Angeles area

We have been servicing our customers with expert bat control and trapping for over 20 years. As a privately owned animal trapping company, we understand how scary a bat control issue can be. We are available 7 days a week to address any bat concerns.

Los Angeles Bat Removal

About Bats

  • are nocturnal and mostly like to live in your chimney or attic. This means that the bats will sleep during the day and come out at dusk.
  • make a lot of noise flying in and out of the chimney or attic. As we said before, all of this noise usually happens when you are trying to sleep.
  • produce a lot of waste. Bat feces are called guano. Bat guano can contain a host of diseases, bacteria, and fungus that can harm you and your family.
  • can have rabies. It is very important that you do not try to remove the bats yourself, as you could be bitten and contract rabies.

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Reasons For Bat Removal

Sometimes, your home may not be properly sealed off with proper bat exclusion, therefore, you could be at risk for exposure to bats. All City Animal Trapping can properly seal your home to prevent any bat control issues. If you are currently facing a bat infestation, we can also help you humanely remove the bats, clean up the mess and seal your home to ensure that the bats never come back.

All City Animal Trapping not only removes the animals, we ensure to clean any mess they have left behind. We deodorize, disinfect and return your home, good as new. With our specialized bat exclusion techniques, you can be sure that bats will never get into your home again.

If you’re facing a bat removal or trapping in Los Angeles, call All City Animal Trapping today at (877)724-5314. We will ensure a humane removal and prevention for the future. For the best service at the best price, use All City Animal Trapping. We offer free estimates and we will beat any competitor’s price.

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We provide bat trapping and removal services to all cities in Los Angeles county.

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