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Bird Nest Removal

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Bird Nest Removal

Having a family of birds nest in the backyard is sometimes a fun experience. Being able to watch parents create the nest, lay eggs, and raise their young can be enjoyable for many. However, sometimes leaving the birds nest in place can become dangerous for humans. Birds can become territorial, attacking anyone who approaches the area where the nest is. Homeowners need to be aware of some things before attempting a bird nest removal on their own.

Though not often associated with being pests, birds can cause damage to homes and property. Damage can be caused from blocking vents into the home when building nests. Bird droppings, which contain uric acid, can cause damage to paint on the home and on cars. In the end, leaving birds alone may cause more damage to property than the enjoyment that comes from watching them.

The first step in determining if a nest can be removed is to verify if it is abandoned. If it is the beginning of mating season, chances are it is still being used. Next, check to see if there are any eggs in it. If there are eggs in it, do not disturb it. This could cause the parents to abandon the nest. If the nest is active, with eggs, it is best to wait until the end of mating season to reevaluate the bird removal.

Things to Consider

There are several things to consider before removing a birds nest. First thing is to ensure removal of the nest is legal. Local, state and national wildlife laws make it illegal to touch, disturb, tamper or remove nests of protected species. Doing so will result in hefty fines and penalties. It may still be possible to remove the nest if it appears abandoned or if no eggs have been laid. A local animal removal company can help determine if it is legal to continue with the bird nest removal.

Due to wildlife laws, some nests cannot be removed unless the proper authorities are consulted. Nests that should never be removed include those of endangered or threatened birds, nests of large birds that will be reused next mating season, and owl nests. Nests should not be removed if the removal of the nest will destroy the natural surroundings.

In addition to worrying about the legalities of removing a nest, there are health risks associated with its removal. Birds can carry pathogens that could be dangerous to humans. These pathogens can be transmitted several different ways. Plus, the nests also contain mites, parasites, ticks and other pests. These pests can remain in the nest long after the birds have moved on. Pest control companies can come in and safely remove the nest without risking anyone’s health and safety.

In Conclusion

Next, it is necessary to determine why the nest needs to be removed. If the nest location poses a danger for the birds or to humans, it might be necessary to remove it. Unsafe locations include near busy walkways, near entrances to buildings, inside a gutter, inside a chimney or any other highly active area. Removing the nest from dangerous locations can help discourage the birds from rebuilding their nest in the same location. Another good reason for removal includes cleaning out a birdhouse after breeding season.

In the situation where a nest has eggs in it, it is best to seek assistance from a bird rescue organization. They can take a look to see if the nest is in a dangerous location. Plus, they can see if it is possible to safely move the baby birds. In some cases, the nest can be relocated to a nearby location so the parents can continue taking care of their young.

When hiring a local pest control company to help with bird nest removal it is important to ask specific questions. Verify they are licensed and insured for the type of nest removal. Also verify they are trained to remove the nest according to local, state and national laws.

If there is any doubt about a bird nest removal, speak with local wildlife officials. This should be done before any attempt to move the nest is attempted. Animal control services or removal companies may also be able to help with the relocation or removal of the nest.