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Bird Removal

Eric: Hi everybody, we’re here with Vic from All City Animal Trapping and wanted to talk about your bird removal services that you guys offer. And what does that entail?

All City Animal Trapping: Anything that has to do with birds. Where they’re being a nuisance or causing some kind of damage to your property. It could be a nest that’s above your carport and you come out to new poops on your car every day.

We’ve been in attics where the whole thing had hundreds of pigeons in them. Then now a lot of times they are roosting and nesting under people’s solar panels and creating an issue there. Causing the panels not to function properly or compromising the structure or making a mess that, that kind of thing.

So birds can be, they can be definitely a nuisance to your property, if you let them kind of do want.

Eric: So you kind of have to address it sooner than later.

All City Animal Removal: Absolutely. Whether it’s spikes or deterrent gels, or even trapping and removing, or in some cases just getting them all out of the attic and cleaning it up. Then sealing off the opening that they were using to get it in.

But a lot of times we have to act fast because a lot of birds are protected under the Migratory Bird Act. And that goes from February 15th to September 1st. So in that timeframe we’re not able to do anything. Legally they are protected, so we can’t touch their nests. We can’t remove them. We have to wait until September 1st, when they start to fly South for the winter.

Eric: Is this for all birds removal?

All City Animal Trapping: Not for all, for most. I mean, pigeons aren’t protected anytime of the year, but for swallows and sparrows and most of the ones that’ll cause some damage on your property, they definitely are. The times that they’re not protected, like right now, here at the beginning of the year we can go in there, remove their old nests and then put some kind of deterrent there or some kind of barricade or whatever it is. So when they come back from South for the winter, then they’ll come, whatever spot they were in is no longer compromised. They may have to go somewhere else. And that’s kind of the idea. But that’s the only way to do it legally for. For a lot of birds, which a lot of them are protected.

Eric: And I’m assuming that a lot of people don’t know these things. And so when they call you, you guys are kind of like a sounding board. You answer questions and maybe even consult them as to how to do it the laws, the ever-changing laws. So it’s good to have a company like you guys that people can call and even get an idea on they’re able to even do.

All City Animal Trapping: Absolutely. There’s such a wide range of things that can happen with birds. Sometimes it could be a bird got into your house and you can’t get it out. Sometimes it’s a bird that has an injured wing in your backyard. It’s a really big problem that’s going to take a lot of time and it might have a high cost potentially just depending on what it is. So for any bird removal issues, we come out and give a free estimate and see what’s going on. And go from there just because of how wide the range is for any bird removal issue that could be happening.

Eric: You know, whenever I hear that that someone’s going to do a free estimate, that kind of takes away a lot of the stress. Cause sometimes you go somewhere and just to have a consult or have someone take a look at it it’s money. And then afterwards, whether you want to do the procedure or whether even you like the company, you end up paying that for that consultation. So that’s a good thing to have.

All City Animal Trapping: Yeah. Well, we have offices everywhere. Service a large area, five different counties in Southern California. So we’re able to get out there relatively easily. A lot of other companies will charge you just to come out because they might be four cities over. But we are local to just about everywhere and open every day. So if you ever have a bird issue just give us a call and we’ll come out for free. Assess what’s going on, do a full inspection, and then we’ll go from there.

Eric: and tell us the territories that All City Animal Trapping covers.

All City Animal Trapping: Sure. Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. And still looking to expand even more.

Eric: So people can find you at And if you could tell us your phone number.

Vic: Yeah, (877) 724-5314.

Eric: All right, well thank you Vic.

All City Animal Trapping: No problem.