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Bird Trapping and Removal

Like flowers, trees, honeybees, and the sound of gentle rain, birds are widely considered one of life’s most beautiful things. Their songs charm us. Their colorful plumage inspires us, and their impressive capabilities of flight, pinpoint accurate vision, and fascinating behavior makes them a pleasure to observe.

But like everything in life, even birds have their downside and can make themselves unwanted. Bird trapping and removal is not something that many people find themselves interested in. However, the fact remains that there are a number of invasive bird species not native to North America which often must be removed.

In cases where bird trapping and removal are necessary, the alternative can be extensive damage to structures and the spread of infectious diseases.

When Do I Need Bird Trapping and Removal Services?

Most birds that live near humans are not problematic in any way. If you’re a farmer or a resident of a large city, you are probably quick to think otherwise, and for good reason.  The key to humans and birds living in close proximity in peace is living in a location where space is plenty and food resources that both humans and birds want are not widely available out in the open.

Again, if you’re a farmer or are in the agriculture industry, you know exactly what we’re talking about. If you grow crops in open fields, you know birds can take a major bite out of your profits. Even if you keep livestock indoors, the feed for the animals and the structure itself can be a big attraction for nesting birds.

If you live in a major metropolitan area, you know better than most how unpleasant pigeons can be. These animals are often referred to as flying rats. This is because they have become quite resistant to the infectious dangers of living in spaces common to rats and other vermin. They make their homes around the outer edges of tall buildings where they can live uncomfortably close to humans, yet remain out of our reach.  But regardless of where you live and what kind of bird is intruding on your property, any time birds have nested on or inside a building they can cause tremendous damage to the structure.

The Potential Damage of a Bird Infestation

Like most animals, birds prefer to build their nests in locations where they can feel protected. The vents, eaves, and soffits of houses and apartment buildings are ideal. While most birds will shy away from locations so near to human beings, a few well known invasive types of birds are a bit more brazen in their choice of homes.

Any place where birds build their nests, there will be the consistent presence of bird feces around and below the nest. When a nest exists inside a building, the feces can build up quite quickly and cause significant damage to the structure.

Out on the open, bird feces is normally cleaned away by rain, and disinfected by wind and sunshine. But when it builds up in tight, enclosed spaces it will cause water-like damage, rot damage, and attract the worst types of incests. In the worst-case scenarios, bird feces can cause a terrible smell and even trigger the development of dangerous types of mold.  If a bird infestation gets this far, it will almost certainly cause massive damage that can only be remedied by extensive renovations.

Remove Bird Infestations Early

In any case, it is best to consult professional bird trapping and removal services as early as possible.

Some Birds are Protected by Law

You do not want to take action to remove a bird infestation only to find that they are protected by federal or local conservation laws.

Time Equals Damage

The longer the birds continue to inhabit a given space, the more damage they will cause. Once bird feces has been introduced to a tight, enclosed space, it can be impossible to remove without tearing the structure apart. A few days of this might be okay, but after a few weeks, you are almost certain to have serious damage on your hands.

There May be a Risk of Injury or Disease

Even the smallest birds can injure very small children or small pets. Worse still, the diseases known to be carried by the most invasive species can pose a risk to anyone who encounters the animals.  If you have a bird infestation in or around your home, you are advised to contact the bird trapping and removal experts as soon as possible. The bird removal professionals can remove the infestation safely and ensure that you avoid any legal issues in the process.