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Bat removal is a complicated task. Bats are tiny and they take refuge in attics, walls and siding. This can make them tricky to get to. They are also nocturnal animals and create the majority of their ruckus in the evening. Some species of bats are now roosting in buildings, due to the loss of their natural habitat. Once bats have moved into your home or office, they are hard to remove. However, bats are extremely good at keeping down the bug population. A single bat consumes about 3,000 insects a night.

We have more reasons to thank bats than we do to fear them. But they can still be quite freaky to see in or around your home. Whether you want to get a bat out of your house, protect bats and their habitats or have questions about bats and diseases, we can help. Call All City Animal Trapping for everything bat related. We have been serving Fresno with bat trapping and removal for over 20 years.

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Information About Bats

  • Bats can carry rabies. Rabies is an infectious disease that affects the nervous system and can severely affect humans if they are bitten.
  • Keeping your chimney, attic and walls secured and clean is the best way to avoid bat colonies from taking refuge in your home.
  • There is currently no registered or effective bat repellent available. If you do find bat repellent, beware. It is probably ineffective.
  • Germans call the bat “die fledermaus” or flying mouse.

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All City Animal Trapping can take care of your bat problem on your Fresno property. We offer free estimations and operate in a timely manner. Our highly trained field specialists use the safest and most humane techniques available. Once we trap and remove the bats, we clean, disinfect and sanitize any areas affected by the bats. This is an important step, because bat feces, or guano, can be harmful to humans and pets. We also install exclusion materials to ensure that bats will not get back into your home or office. This makes sure that you won’t be facing another bat invasion in a few months. Give All City Animal Trapping a call today to take care of your bat problem in Fresno once and for all.

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