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Let us help you with your coyote problem. We have years of experience. Coyotes usually come into urban areas for three reasons, to find shelter, scraps and because humans have invaded their natural habitats. When coyotes come to our backyards and neighborhoods, it can become a problem. Our pets are put at risk and they need to be kept inside until the coyotes are removed. Coyotes are very adaptable animals and they can be dangerous. Mostly carnivorous, coyotes generally live off a diet consisting of small mammals. Coyotes are not usually considered pests, but now that they are encroaching upon our backyards, there are some behaviors that are not conducive to that arrangement.

All coyotes play an important part in keeping the rodent population controlled, but they will also snack on your family pet if given the opportunity. Coyotes will also break into your garbage cans and make a huge mess. For light sleepers, coyotes can be a really big problem, because they are mainly active at night and their howls are very loud. When coyotes get together, or if it is mating season, the howls are particularly irritating. If you have coyotes lurking around your backyard, you probably want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Here at All City Animal Trapping, we have been trapping and removing coyotes from the Fresno area for over 20 years. Give us a call today. We would love to help with your problem. We have many happy customers.

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Coyote facts:

  • Coyotes can carry rabies. If you encounter a coyote with rabies, get somewhere safe and call a professional at once.
  • Attacks on dogs increase when coyotes are being fed in residential areas and are not chased away by people.
  • If you encounter a coyote, do not run. Slowly back away. If you turn your back to a coyote, it may want to chase you.

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Trapping a coyote is not an easy task. They are quick, nimble and smart. Setting traps and tactfully approaching coyotes is tricky. At All City Animal Trapping, we have the experience and the tools to get the job done right. Once we humanely and safely trap and remove the coyote, we will install exclusion materials on your property to ensure that coyotes will not come back. Your Fresno home or place of business will be permanently free of coyotes once we are done. We also install preventive measures to ensure that you will never have to face a coyote on your property. Whether you need to have a coyote removed or you want to take preventive steps to avoid this unsettling situation, give All City Animal Trapping a call today. We’re here to help. You will be happy that you did

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