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Pigeons are robust birds with short necks and are usually gray in color. They have a characteristic back and forth rhythm to their heads. Pigeons have duplicate black bands on each wing, but the coloration on the main part of the body can vary. Their feet are suited for perching on ledges and high peaks. The beak of the pigeon is medium in both length and width, ideal for pulling apart bread, picking up small food pieces or fishing spiders out of cracks.

Pigeon droppings deface many roofs, monuments, and public spaces. The uric acid, or white material, in their droppings is not just unsightly, it can damage the finish on buildings and automobiles. Droppings also contain dangerous fungi and bacteria that can be harmful to humans. Pigeons will always be close to humans, because of the ample food supply we create. Fresno has a serious pigeon problem. If you’re facing pigeon control issues, give All City Animal Trapping a call today. We are the leaders in pigeon removal in Fresno County.

Fresno pigeon trapping and removal

Interesting pigeon facts:

  • On average, a well-fed pigeon can deposit up to 25 pounds of droppings per year.
  • Pigeons will eat anything they can fit into their beaks, in order to survive.
  • Pigeons are considered pest birds. Cities across the U.S. spend millions of dollars each year repairing the damage done to properties from these birds.
  • Pigeons most often roost in numbers.
  • Keep your backyard clean, free of debris and trash, to help keep pigeons away.
  • Pigeons have no natural enemies in urban areas and they reproduce quickly. Pigeon overpopulation can lead to increased property damage and higher disease rates among pigeons.

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All City Animal Trapping has over 20 years of experience with pigeon removal in the Fresno area.

We first inspect the structure and locate the best place to set traps. We capture pigeons by setting traps near their nests. This is the most effective way to trap and remove them. After the pigeon problem has been taken care of, we secure any openings by installing netting or preventative pigeon spikes. This keeps the pigeons from returning to your property. We also clean, disinfect and sanitize the areas where the pigeons roosted. This ensures that droppings and nesting materials will not damage the structure and will not get anyone sick. Your Fresno home or place of business will be completely pigeon free once we are done. Give All City Animal Trapping a call today to take care of your pigeon problem in the Fresno area once and for all.

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